Awesome! This is what COZA Did To Over 1000 Unemployed Nigerians Youths

The unemployment Nigerians comprising both unemployed graduates and non-graduates were trained in various fields of human endeavours, including; how to prepare your CV, how to show up in the marketplace, how to be effective in the marketplace, how to organize your schedule, how to be that a class or top-tier employee in the marketplace, web design, tailoring, music etc.

Speaking at the training which held during the weekend at COZA’s headquarters Abuja, the Head of Department, Monitoring and Evaluation, Dr Nkem Ene and Omayeli Seserve who represented the senior pastors Rev Biodun and pastor Modele Fatoyinbo said that the training was set aside by the senior pastors in their beliefs to invest in young lives.

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They said, “We have thousands of Applicants that are here and the idea is to tap into the potential that they have. There’s no reason why a fully graduate who is putting in their best. Looking for opportunity, should not be given a chance to Showcase that best.

“So what we have done is to provide a platform where these young people can come in, get their skills and actually interface with employers. And the purpose of this part, for me is really to do that matching to enable them to have the opportunity to show what they can do.

“This platform are going to be excellent. I mean, Excellence is something that our pastor is known for. And we have seen that in the people that attend.

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“This is the first of its kind of pastor is always blazing pass when it comes to this kind of thing. He’s always setting the pace with new innovation.

“There is already demand for a second, one, and a third, and a fourth. So we know that this is something that will continue to happen. I mean with everything that our senior pastors get involved with is guaranteed success.”

According to them, the Job Seekers Submit was set to prepared the young people in to the marketplace.

“So this job Seekers Summit, was organized to get people to understand the spiritual aspect and also the excellent aspect of being in the marketplace.

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“We’ve had over, 1,200 people come in every day to be equipped and taught by seasoned speakers on different topics.

“We’ve been having a wonderful time for the past six days. And right now we have the job fair and at this job fair we’ve had so many employers coming for the participants of the job Seekers.

“We have Employers in the technology space, we have Employers in school, Business Development, NGOs, Lawyers Doctors, Pharmacies different organizations and CEO’s,” they added.

The categories of people for Job Seekers Submit specifically are graduates and non graduates.

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