Brothers there are some hugs you must reject from Ladies – Apostle Edu Udechukwu Reveals Why

The Founder of Revival Hub International, Apostle Edu Udechukwu admonishes male members of his congregation not to allow themselves to be hugged anyhow by ladies because such is capable of opening doors for emotions to set in, and possibly sin. This is in line with what is written in 1Thessalonians 5:22. This Bible verse says you should abstain from all appearances of evil.

According to the Cleric in a YouTube video posted some hours ago, when you start welcoming hugs from ladies, the emotional seed is sown and one day it will germinate, that is when you will see yourself falling into sinful thoughts and sometimes outright fornication. “During my undergraduate days, there was a day I appeared in class looking very fine because of a new pair of jeans that I got for myself then. The ladies in my class admired me so much that they came to hug me, but I rejected that hug. Brothers, there are some hugs you must reject. Do not say is a holy hug, there is nothing like that”.

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Speaking further, the Cleric said even in our human weaknesses God wants to use us for His glory, and we should allow Him to do that. “Allow the Holy Spirit to work on you. Do not rate yourself too high, because if God comes down now to rate us, many of us will be found wanting”, Apostle Udechukwu said.

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