“Don’t Kill Them With Bills” -ApostleJohnson Suleman Reveals To Members How To Approach Great People

Apostle Johnson Suleman, the founder and senior pastor of Omega Fire Ministries International sends an important message to his members on how they should treat Great People.

He said that God does not give you contact with great people to kill them with bills so stop Killing them with bills. You need a special anointing to keep great people. He then said, “Today, you know somebody and you send them four pages of the story of your life. Be wise and know how to keep great people.”

According to him, great people don’t like pressure. Look for the special day of their life. Their birthday is coming, you can send them a message a month earlier so that they can know that you remember. Don’t ask them for anything and be wise. They have too many burdens on them, don’t be one of them. Be sincere because God is not looking for the perfect.

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He then said, “Do you know how I know that you’re not perfect? It is because you are still alive. The day you become perfect, you go. Enoch was translated and he left. So those who become perfect are translated. So if you’re still here, it’s because God is still working on you.”

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