How Someone Tried To Discourage Me From Relasing A Song, And What happened Afterwards – Nathaniel Baseey Reveals

During any altar call in many Nigerian churches, the choir would normally sing a popular song about someone knocking on the door, as the pastor makes the call to cajole people to stand up, and come forward to receive Jesus. Did you know that popular Nigerian gospel singer, Nathaniel Bassey, was the artiste who wrote the song? Well, he has revealed an interesting thing that happened when he released the song.

He said that when he released the song years ago, a marketer told him that the song will not sell because it was too slow. This marketer told him to do a fast praise and worship song, which was probably what was popular at that time. However, Mr. Bassey stuck with the song, and the song was a huge success.

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From his story, we can learn a couple of lessons.

The first lesson we can take away is that you must believe in the vision God has given you. You see, if Nathaniel Bassey did not believe that God gave him the song, he would have abandoned it and gone for something else.

Another lesson we can take away is that you should not listen to any discouragement if you are sure what you are doing is the right thing. That marketer tried to discourage Nathaniel Bassey, but he refused to be discouraged, and now, the song was a success.

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