“I Kept Saying Holyspirit And he Helped us Know What to do” -OAP Lolo 1 Thanks God For Surviving Fire Attack in Her House

Popular media personality and actress Omotunde Adebowale David, popularly known as Lolo, recently experienced a fire outbreak in her residential home in Lagos. The movie star, saddened by the sudden disaster that would have befallen her, took to social media to thank God. 

According to Lolo, the fire happened in the kitchen when she wanted to prepare some bleached sauce for her daughter. In Lolo’s words: 

My daughter came home from from school with a health scare but God make sure that the lie of the devil was his to carry first ….and I thank God. I was trying to make a special sauce for her to take to school and I wanted to bleach the oil so we closed the kitchen door so that fumes would not enter the living room as she opened the kitchen door the frying pan was on fire already burning to the kitchen roof all I shouted was Holy Spirit help me and I that would usually panic was calm I kept saying help me Holy Spirit and we kept knowing what to do, I didn’t call anyone Ara and I arrested the situation with the help of God and the Fire was averted.”

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