I Told Some People That The Roof Of The Glory Dome Alone Could Buy Some Aeroplanes And They Got Angry – Pastor Paul Enenche







-Pastor Paul Enenche at Dunamis International Gospel Centre on ‘ACKNOWLEDGING THE HELP OF GOD’.
Dunamis International Gospel Centre.
Combined Service, Glory Dome.

Clap your hands oh ye people, shout unto the Lord with a voice of triumph. The Bible says, this is the day the Lord has made. Whether the devil likes it or not, whether the forces of hell like it or not, we shall rejoice and we shall be glad in it. We saw the first Sunday of 2021 and we are seeing the last Sunday of 2021. The devil not withstanding, his witches not withstanding, his wizards not withstanding, his forces not withstanding, his powers not withstanding. Can you give the King of kings and the Lord of lords a shout of praise.

There is a song that I want us to sing;
🎶Father we praise Your name
(We praise Your name) 🎶

  • He said, as you are celebrating now, He will be settling the things that are remaining for 2021!

Clap your hands oh ye people, shout unto the Lord with a voice of triumph. Remain standing and let’s read some three Psalms together responsively;
Psalm 103:1-7

  • If you are here this morning and there is any trace of disease in your body, the end of it arrives this morning. You are not permitted to cross over into next year with any affliction in your body!

Psalm 136:1-26, Psalm 124:1-8
Look at your neighbor and say, “If it had not been the Lord”. If it had not been the Lord, they would have finished me since. The witches and the wizards and the lizards of my village would have laughed. If it had not been the Lord, those who hate me without a cause, those who are angry that I look fine…
If it had not been the Lord, forget the rest. Church Gist. But thank God for God. You know, when you pass at times, some people are looking at you and they eyed you and you are wondering why are they looking at you like that? It is a cocktail of emotion, it is a rainbow of feelings. “This person is still alive, despite what we did?” Sometimes, that is the look: “What is he using, how is he surviving?” If bad look can kill chicken, many chickens would have died since. Na God ooo

Father we thank You. Father we give You the praise, Father we give You the honour, Father we give You the adoration. We give You the worship, blessed be Your name, honour to Your name, adoration to Your name, worship to Your name. Thank You Master, in Jesus name.

We are here today to acknowledge the help of God. Acknowledging the help of God is our subject this morning. Our objective this morning is, spiritual stock taking. Church Gist. I welcome everyone here today, to the last Sunday of the year of Release, Recovery and Replication. We are here for spiritual stock taking and that involves specifically three things:
1). Looking back at the year and rehearsing or recounting the acts of God in our lives (Judges 5:11). If you have ever been delivered, it is important to pause and rehearse and re-enact and review the righteous acts of God. That is what we are here to do on this last Sunday of the year, 2021; what has God done in the year 2021? Is it Makurdi Crusade or Port Harcourt Crusade, Akure Crusade, Jalingo Crusade or Ilorin Crusade, Delta Crusade, Akwa Ibom Crusade, Lagos Crusade? We came here today to review, to rehearse, to revise. How can I forget Lokoja Crusade, Oktupo Crusade, Oju Crusade? In the City and in the villages?

2). Looking back and identifying progress made in any direction, no matter how little. It doesn’t matter what your situation is, there is at least one area of your life where progress was made, no matter how little. Before God could finish the creation of the earth, God saw the first day that it was good before moving to the next day and moved to the next day.

Everything is not totally bad. At least, you are seated in church now healthy, there is someone on oxygen right now in the hospital, who is paying to breath the air you are breathing free of charge. Church Gist. I think oxygen can be between twenty to thirty thousand per day (Oxygen tank) and if you are on oxygen daily for one month, you’ll pay 600,000 there about or 900,000, depending on the hospital you are to breath the air that you are breathing free of charge. Somebody goes to the toilet free of charge now to pass water. Somebody has to pay the machine to urinate three times a week.

There is progress somewhere, no matter how little. If you slept last night and woke up this morning, that is progress (Psalm 3:5). There were people who laid down last night and could not wake up this morning. We came to identify; is there any area of progress? Yes, there would be, no matter how little.

  1. Help, grace and mercy experienced in the course of the year (Psalm 136). I want to say this as a point of note; when you are doing a spiritual stock taking for the purpose of appreciation, you focus on what God has done, not on what He is yet to do. If it is to be successful, you focus on what God has done, not on what He is yet to do. You focus on what is working, not what is yet to work. If the enemy can succeed in focusing your attention on what is not yet working; what you have is complete depression and frustration. Don’t focus on what is lost, but what is left.
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God’s servant, Bishop David Oyedepo said, if you have lost anything, always remember that God was the reason why you didn’t lose everything. Church Gist. You could have lost everything. Our sister who testified just now, maybe you may see her still walking with a stick, but if life was meant to be cut off, spirit of death was standing by permanently, black devil with red eyes. Can you imagine yourself being on the hospital bed and all you are seeing is the massive monster devil, standing on your bed side with red eyes and black body, wondering why are you still alive?

Most of the times, when the devil wants to destroy your destiny, he focuses your attention on what is not working so that you can continue to murmur and grumble, so that you can continue to be in any meeting and quarrel with God; “God did this for these people, what of me?
No! Look at what God has done for you that has even made you better than somebody else. Church Gist. One day, I slept overnight and instead of waking up on time, maybe because of exhaustion and stress, I woke up very late. So I couldn’t pray the way I should pray at the normal time I should pray and all the things I was doing and I woke up angry. The Holy Spirit told me something I will never forget; “what are you angry about?” “I didn’t wake up the normal time I should, I didn’t pray the way I should pray today.” As interested as the Holy Spirit is in me praying and having a spiritual schedule, He said, “your own was that you didn’t wake up on time. For other people, they didn’t wake up at all.” Wow! You didn’t wake up on time, they didn’t wake up at all and maybe, they woke up in hell. That is, they died unprepared and there is no reversal. Mercy expires after time. God have mercy only on earth

  • You will not die before your time!
  • You will not die unprepared!

Lift up your right hand and say;
“Father, I am here today to appreciate You and to honour You.”

In all stock taking, whether physical or spiritual, there are outcomes. When you do good spiritual stock taking, what is the outcome?

1). Positioning for progress.

2). The replenishment of supplies. If you do spiritual stock taking well, you position yourself to move to the next level. You fulfill the requirement for Jehovah to replenish your stock, to fill-in what was lacking.

It is like you went to the store of your organization and the store keeper brought the list of things that need to be replenished. This is available, this is not. You position yourself for the replenishment of supplies. If you can let God know that, this is available and I am appreciating You. My health is available and I am sleeping well. I am saved and born again. Then God will say, “I noticed that the husband is not yet available. Alright, supply.”

  1. The avoidance of embarrassing surprises . We were suddenly in the middle of a very big executive meeting of a national body or something. We ran out of diesel. If stock was well taken before the meeting, you don’t run out of things like that. You cannot be taken unaware like that.

When you take spiritual stock well, God will ensure that no devil takes you unaware. The meaning of that is; whatever is needed per time, is available per time. One of the reasons why I record every dime that enters my hand every year; at the end of the year, on the 31st night, my wife will give me the record of all that passed through this hand and flowed into the Kingdom. I lift it up before God and say, “Jehovah, how faithful You are. Church Gist. You mean I am in a position to give all these into the Kingdom in one year, who am I, where did I come from? Thank You Lord”. Then He said, “You know what? You have seen nothing yet.” When we started operating like that twenty something years ago, what came in one year after a short while began to come in one month. It was very big then. “Thank You Lord.” It began to come in one month, after a short while, it began to come in one week. It was a breakthrough then. Let me not tell you the balance so that some people can have peace. That is tireless appreciation.

When Jesus saw five loaves and two fishes, He lifted it up, “Father thank You”. The end point was multiples of the starting point. How can you start with five loaves and two fishes and end with twelve baskets? Appreciation, stock taking. Years ago, I went to our father in the Lord and I was talking with him. I said, “we have so much work to do in ministry. What is it that comes in, at times, it is not able to handle what is on ground to be done.” He said to me, “The one that came, what do you do that brought it?” I said, “Nothing.” He said, “Alright, every time it arrives, whatever it is, appreciate on it profusely. It will multiply.” He said, “This is my realm.” What a tiny key. You know, the thing that can save your life may be very tiny. No matter how big the door is, the key is not equal to the size of the door.

  • Something is about to multiply in your life!

Did you see the benefit of having a father and a mentor just now? One question, one answer. So, you are not taken unaware.

1 Samuel 7:7-12
I’m sure you heard the story; the children of Israel were gathered together, fellowshipping together and with the Lord and at Mizpeh (Strong Tower), the Philistines gathered against them. Church Gist. Don’t look for the trouble of anyone who is strong in prayer. It is disaster you are looking for. Samuel offered sacrifice, while doing so, the Lord spoke from Heaven and that was the end of the Philistines. They said, this is not normal, we must acknowledge the God of our help.

1). Help against enemy conspiracy, gang-up and threat. There are many of us seated here today, if the conspiracy of the enemy have succeeded, you will not be here. Conspiracy against us, the Church, the Body of Christ. We are recognizing and acknowledging help against enemy conspiracy, gang-up and threat.

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2). Divine intervention and celestial participation in battle. There are some of our battles, it was Jehovah who fought it for us. (1Samuel 7:10)

3). Victory over the enemy – woeful and complete defeat of the adversary . That was what God did for us. He has done that for us, over and over again.

Early in the ministry, I met a young man, if that young would be coming to the Lord’s Garden here, he will be parking his car at Lugbe Police State and then trek the balance to the Church. What is it? He said, somebody met him physically and said, “they have given me money to kill you. I’m just waiting for the right time” (Not in the dream, not text message) and the person must have come to him with so much charm or jazz that inspired fear into him. So he had to move and camouflage. Church Gist. I saw him and told him, no hair will drop from your head. I prayed for him, finished that devil. About six months later, I saw him moving about freely. I said to him, what of the man who said, they gave him money to kill you? He said, “I don’t know where he is?” This is twenty something years ago.

There are enemies that God will finish and you will not know their address. I’m talking about the God who fights without dust of war.

  • In this season, if there is anybody still fighting you, fighting the Church of Jesus and the Body of Christ in this Nation, Heaven shall thunder and fight them from Heaven. The star, the sun and the moon shall fight them!

Say; “Father thank You for Your involvement in my fight, in my battles. I cannot take it for granted. I am grateful Lord because You fought my battles and You are still fighting my battles.”

4). The frustration of the expectations of the enemy (1 Chronicles 15:26). There are those who have negative expectations of other people permanently. Church Gist. There are those who are just waiting for bad news, then they will say, “We said it.”

  • They will never hear it!

When Herod killed James, then he saw that the Jews were pleased, he stretched his hand on Peter and then put him in prison (Acts 12) and the angel of the Lord went into the prison at night and brought him out. When Peter came to himself, he said, “oh God, now I know of a surety, that the Lord hath sent his angel and hath delivered me, not just from the hand of Herod but from all expectation of the people.” Herod wanted to kill him but other people have evil expectations. There are people who have negative declarations that are backed with negative expectations.

You know human beings have a way of thinking they know the reason why you are suffering or the reason why you are where you are? “This man must be a terrible sinner”
(Acts 28:3-6).

  • I announce to somebody here today, even as this year is ending, what the people are expecting to see from your life, the negative expectations, the negative news they want to hear out of your life, they will wait until they change their minds. It will not happen!

There are some that claimed they saw a dream about you and when you rejected it, they were angry. “You are rejecting it, let’s watch. I’ve never had a dream that failed.” Are you a witch? They are angry that you didn’t agree that it should come to pass, as if you should keep quiet if your destiny is been decided. Church Gist. So they keep on expecting bad things on the basis of things they saw. So that they can say I saw it but he didn’t hear me. That devil is a bastard!
God told Cain, because you killed your brother, a fugitive and a vagabond shall you be. Cain said to God, my punishment is too much. Please Oga, this punishment is too much for me (Genesis 4:13-17). If God can say it and it is reversible, who are you to say that you saw a vision that cannot be reversed?

  • In the name of Jesus, I stand here to cancel and to reverse every negative decree hanging on your life, every negative intention and expectation hanging on your life, they are cancelled!

5). Divine assistance in Kingdom assignment. The Levites carried out their assignments and as God assisted them, they said Lord, we thank You.

Many of us at our various assignments in the house of the Lord, many things fought you, several things, but God assisted you and we are at the end of the year. Crusades, preaching in the evening and in the morning, preaching in-between and writing and doing everything. Not one dime is taken on the Crusade ground as offering and yet no challenge. Church Gist. Some crusades are two weeks in-between. It is called the Help of God. Even if you be soldier, some of the schedule you run, you will faint. You’ll see yourself gallantly on the hospital bed.
Neck breaking schedule and no message is repeated twice. It can only be the help of God. One of my brothers said to me one day, “I’m pitying you.” I said, what is it? He said, “I’m thinking a time will come, you will not have anything to say again.” I said, don’t worry. That time will never come according to how God lives.”

As anybody seen the help of God in your walk with God? Do you see the healing and deliverance service on Tuesday, the pastor who walked with God and received several songs? Suddenly, the man send away his wife and a stranger was in the middle and he went to the other side completely. The wife went to pick him from a native doctor. The man came here, incapacitated on a wheelchair. Church Gist. You know what broke me down when I started crying? He said, “will God ever use me, can God still accept me?” If you have a successful walk with God and God is helping you, no matter what, you should acknowledge His help.
Lift up your right hand and say:
“Father, I thank You for Your help in my walk with You. Thank You Master in the name of Jesus.”

  1. Success for the journey. When I say success for the journey, it might be related to the journey of the Levites, from where they took the ark to where they arrived in Jerusalem. But for you, what journey? 1st Sunday in January 2021 to the last Sunday of December 2021. The journey of marriage, the journey from Abuja to your village. Do you know every time you travel and return, it is not by power? A billionaire was flying in the air, flying in one of the highly rated aircrafts and crashed in it. Died in France. If money could save him, he would have been saved.
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One day, we were about to land in France and the aircraft was coming down and then went up again. Everybody shook and began to look at each other. To worsen it, the pilot did not say anything. After a while, he said, ladies and gentlemen, we just experienced the failure of the automatic landing system. Church Gist. My wife sat near me and in my mind, the same word you have been hearing, “if it will crash, I will not be inside.” But who is he that saith it and it cometh to pass when the Lord commanded it not? There are testimonies that if we share, some of you will be afraid for us. But God, permanently too faithful to fail.

One day, the aircraft windscreen cracked and the flight came down. The pilot said, he had to fly at lower altitude because he cannot fly up there because of the crack. The two testimonies I just shared now, you will never experience it!
Every time you experience a successful journey, it is not by power or might but by the spirit of the Lord.

Lift up your right hand and say:
“Father, I thank You for every successful journey I have experienced. Thank You Lord.”
Papa Oyedepo said one time they were flying, all of a sudden, he saw that the aircraft slowed down and started moving somehow. So he walked into the cockpit and he asked the pilot what’s going on. He said one of the engines just failed. He asked, “how is everything, are you okay. Do you want me to give you a cup of tea or coffee? and the man was literally sweating. Then he continued and cracking jokes with the people on the air, you need biscuit people? Alright, pilot, just do a U-turn.” They were already in the middle but the plane still landed.

  • Death will never be your portion!
  • God will never allow what will collapse you or conquer you to confront you. Any temptation bigger than your size will never near you!
  1. Divine assistance for persistence (Acts 26:22). It takes the help of God to continue to do what is right to do. Nobody can do the right thing without the help of God. Church Gist. That is why we have nothing to glory in. Are you humble, do you know how to fast? It is God who worketh in you (1 Corinthians 4:7).

Somebody came here some times ago, he said, that man is humble ooo. All these things happening, you will never know. I brought some people here and I said, look at that roof, if I tell you the numbers, can I tell you the cost? Some got angry when we said it can buy aeroplanes, not one (Not the cost of the building or the price of the land). What do you have that you have not received? You will never be able to fast and pray it well and see answer without the help of God.

  1. Divine help for the sustenance of life; everything that makes you to be alive, the substance of life. Divine health, longevity, lasting long, supernatural supply. Almost 900 milion of people as of the last time I know sleep with hunger. So we thank God for these things.

When we do this kind of spiritual stock taking, you know what you are doing? You are retiring the year’s account and you have come to say “thank You”. That is successful closure for the year and successful access into the next year. Many of us, for so many years we have not been closing the year well, but it is changing right now. Church Gist. Until the current year is well closed, the coming year cannot be well opened. I learnt this from my spiritual father and it is called spiritual stock taking. I’m sure some of you must have heard this since Area One time. The last Sunday of the year plus the cross over night itself, our emphasis is the taking of spiritual stock. The assignment of it is for a successful closure.

In conclusion;

  1. Spiritual stocktaking guarantees a successful conclusion of the current year and a successful acceleration into the coming year.
  2. When you appreciate God for what He has already done, you are reminding Him of what He is yet to do. It is a technical way of reminding Him, you are saying, Lord thank You for this and thank You for that. You are reminding Him (Luke 17:14-19). Do you know what leprosy does? It attacks the nerves and the connecting tissues. Jesus said go and show yourself to the priest and as they went, they were cleaned. Church Gist. When the one man came and said thank You for cleansing me. Jesus said you are reminding me of Your hand that has not yet become normal. Be now whole of your plague!

When you appreciate God for what He has already done, you remind Him of what He is yet to do and by reminding Him of what He is yet to do, you move Him to do what He is yet to do.

  • I announce to you, anything that is yet to happen for you in 2021 that you are trusting God to do for you, I declare; they shall be done in the name of Jesus!

Anybody who can read and write, if I say you should right everything that you want to thank God for this year, we may not have the time because of service time but I want you to write between three to five now in the course of this service, acknowledging His help in 2021. It is very easy if you remember first, the gift of strong health and the gift of life and any other one.







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