I Was Born A Stammerer, It Was So Bad That I Did Not Have Preaching In View – Apostle Arome Osayi

Apostle Arome Osayi, the founder of the Remnant Christian Network spoke to his members about the story behind his ministry.

He mentioned that his prayer journey began with his father’s illness. Before he died, he had been ailing for around 12 years. The manner in which he died was a proof that they didn’t know God well enough. So he embarked on this spiritual journey to know God in the hopes of preventing some of those events from reoccurring in people’s lives. He began to pray at night as a form of exercise. He had no idea Jesus was waiting for him to take the first step, and on the strength of that first endeavor to seek his face, he opened up a vast field of Spiritual Reality.

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Speaking further, he said he was born a stammerer, so there was no inclination that he could even become a Preacher. His stammering was so bad and there was nothing like preaching in view. But, one of those times, he had an encounter with Jesus and the company of a few angels, and his speech impediment was taken away.

He claimed that there was a powerful minister in their city who was shaking the entire city because so many people were being rescued, and he died after a tremendous incident that shook the entire city. He claimed that this posed a threat to the young ministers on the horizon. It appeared like anything in the area had the potential to kill this great General of God, therefore it was more of a threat to those who wanted to fulfill God’s cause in that Territory.

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“The remnant that escaped out of Judah, they shall yet take root beneath and give fruits above,” he declared that God ministered to him in the midst of this confusion. So that’s how they came up with the Intercessory Strategy for Ministry, which focused more on praying than preaching. For a few years, they prayed for five hours every night, and there have been periods when they have prayed for fifty hours. Just praying 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They became accustomed to pursuing God on that scale, not just as individuals but as a group.

Finally, he said that they’ve discovered that there are a lot of realities you’ll never touch in God until you subscribe to the way of long prayers. We have built a ministry that is committed to long prayers.

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