“If Satan Knows You Like Drink, These Are Kind Of People He Will Bring Around You – Apostle Suleman Reveals

The issue of drunkenness has been a major topic of discussion in the Bible. The Bible at several instances like in Isaiah 5:11 and Ephesians 5:18 kicked against drunkenness.

However, Apostle Johnson Suleman in a recent message released on his Facebook page, talked about how Satan influence people to continue engaging in drinking.

While speaking on a topic titled ‘the craft of the Devil’, Apostle Johnson Suleman said Satan manipulates those who like drinking to continue drinking by making sure they hang around where people like drinking.

Hear him, “Satan does not have power, Satan is only cunning and crafty. Satan knows you like drinking, so he will always make you hang around where people are drinking and you spend your money drinking. You go broke by yourself, with yourself and at the end you’ll say Satan why?.

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“Satan knows all the kind of friends that hang around you are the type that likes to drink and the day you’re broke, they’ll buy for you for free. So, satan uses you to fight you and the end you say he’s so powerful but he is only manipulative”

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