If you’re a believer in a relationship with the opposite gender this post is a must-read for you – Pastor Ransime reveals deep insight on what you should know

Pastor Rasine Irem is a preacher, author and Christ apologists who often shares deep insights to the word of God on his twitter handle.

In his recent post on Twitter, he shared a deep insight into what believers who are in a relationship with the opposite sex must do.

See what he wrote,

Thank God for what he has done for you with this relationship, may it fulfill his will in your life.

These are a few things you should prioritise.

1. Pray. You both should give more time to prayer than you give to other things o. Please. Your single stage is where

You would learn to put 10000 to flight. If you don’t learn the art of corporate prayer as single people living apart, you won’t find it interesting when you come together.

Please pray. If that relationship is really God’s will, it definitely would have attacks. If you both haven’t learnt to pray, you’d wreck what God has given you.

Have consistent times where you meet up and pray, like once weekly at least. Please make it work.

I can’t emphasise this too much.

2. Keep your relationship essentially discreet not secret. I’ll explain.

You both shouldn’t be the only people who know that you’re in a relationship with each other, but everyone shouldn’t know you’re in a relationship with each other.

Why? Well because you should be accountable but also private. Let only the people who should know and trust you be informed of the relationship. Be slow in flaunting the relationship on social media especially when the wedding is still in the distant future. The reason is because scripture commands that your moderation should be known to all.

We live in a culture entrenched in immorality, everyone is having sex with who they’re dating (of course that’s a lie because you’re not), so if everyone knows you’re dating someone they would immediately assume you’re dating the way they are.

This would definitely make it difficult to witness to them. Of course feel free to flaunt your relationship in your close circle, but for the sake of the gospel many times we deny ourselves of the lawful. You wouldn’t want to be a stumbling block to anyone.

3. Stay away from sexual conversations please. Please. Do I mean you shouldn’t ever discuss sex until you marry?

No. You should. It’s advisable when this is done when you’re already counting down to the wedding day. But. If you’re still at boyfriend and girlfriend level, pray first. Please. Pray first.

Stay away from sexual conversations. It’ll certainly lead to ungodliness. Worse off is that you might not get married and you’d have picked up a crutch that will haunt you until you’re delivered. Even if you get married, the end doesn’t justify the means.

Please flee every appearance of evil. Lastly, keep the relationship as defined as possible. Purpose defined, time defined.

Where are we headed in this relationship? Marriage. How long are we dating before we get married? 7 years.

That way, everyone knows there’s a time to it. Just so nobody is eventually hurt.

See his post on Twitter,

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