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bf Ax IMFFC 2021: Why We Have Not Seen Revival In Our Generation - Nobelie

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IMFFC 2021: Why we have not seen revival in our generation

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Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche at Dunamis International Gospel Center’s IMFFC2021, DAY 3

Honor to Your Name, worship to Your Name. 

Thank You Master because of this climate of explosive hunger, explosive passion, explosive yearning. Thank You because we shall not be the last generation that will allow the devil win the battle in our eyes and in our days in the Name of Jesus. 

We thank You because Your word shall be real and Your word shall be true and Your word shall be literal in our generation. We look up to Your mercy, we look up to Your help. We ask that no one person here shall remain the same way they have come. That You shall cause us and help us to fulfill our destiny and fulfill Your purpose. 

Blessed be Your Name in Jesus Precious Name.

Take your seat in the Presence of the Lord in few minutes and then we shall be true tonight.

May I decrease that You may increase. May You be the Lord of all.


Genesis 7:11-12.

In the morning, we saw a very critical requirement for the rain. And that was labour – working the ground.

The fountains of the great deep were broken, the windows of the heavens was opened and the rain fell. 

Very sharply tonight, there are two critical requirements if anybody will see the rain of the Spirit. The rain of heaven, the rain of revival. And the first requirement is called:

1. Deep Brokenness: Except the corn of wheat fall into the ground and die and is broken, it abides alone but if it breaks and crack and die, it bringeth forth much fruit. 

John 12:24.

The rain falls for broken vessels. The rain falls on grounds where the depth are broken. 

It was Watchman Nee who said ‘ that the release of the Spirit happens after the death of the outer man’ . Many of the people whose story we just heard were people of very very deep brokenness. 

What are we talking about when we talk about deep brokenness:

a. It refers to the life that is deprived of selfish motives and ambitions. A life that is deprived of selfish motives and ambitions. A life is deprived selfish motives and ambitions. That was the life the Master displayed when at the Cross of Calvary, ‘ Father, not my Will but thine be done’. 

Human ambition always stand in the way of Heaven’s uction. Always stand!

What the man wants, how he wants it.

b. It refers to the life that wholly depends on God. Literally, a life that is completely wasted and completely useless without God. I will waste my life again and again on You. It was the experience of Joseph when God broke his thigh joint. Genesis 32:24-28.

He broke that joint and rendered it useless. From that day forward, the strength of Jacob was going to be tied to the help of God.

c. The life that is totally lived beyond self. A life that is lived for the benefits of a generation. Totally lived beyond self. That is the mystery of the alabaster box. When it was broken, the fragrance that was inside was no longer it own. That fragrance can saturate a room, that fragrance that can saturate a climate and an atmosphere.

d. It refers to a life that is lived for the glory and the honor of the Creator. The glory and the honor of the Creator! The glory and the honor of the Creator!! The glory and the honor of the Creator!!!

It is that life that is not out to honor self, it is that life that is not out to glorify self. John 12:23-24.

e. It’s the life that holds nothing back in the service of the Creator. 

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Acts 20:20.

Beloved brothers and sisters, the reason why we have not seen revival in our generation is because there is too much intact flesh, too many empire building passion, too much of personal achievement passion, too much of desire to be known and desire to be heard and desire to do ‘my thing’.

One of the days, our people followed us for Crusade. I think it was the Asaba Crusade. Some group of people, I think a department said they wanted to follow us and when they followed us,we came back from the Crusade and they said they brought a Crusade report.

This is so and so, this is attendance count. I said who told you to tell me attendance count? Who told you? I said we have never counted one person. It’s not part of our passion, we are not in the business of quoting to anybody how many people attended there. 

We have never done it once. Who brought you here to do attendance count? 

We went to Taraba Crusade, the place was jammed in and out, I was not aware of the count and I am not interested. I am not aware and I am not interested. 

May be at the end of the journey we may look at it but I am not interested. Who brought you here to count? 

That was one of the things that killed the healing revival. Counts that were unrealistic.

If you tell me how many people came out for altar call then I am okay. 

How many came and got saved. I will be alright with that. Please never you struggle to prove any point because there is no point to prove. Never you struggle to outdo anybody or “de-shine” anybody because there is no need for that.

We had a Crusade in Benue State in Otukpo one time and the whole place being was filled, the second place was filled, people were hanging on the trees. They were in the other side of the road. Guest Minister who came asked me and said ‘ how many people do you think will be here ‘?, He said do you have an estimated? I replied I don’t have, Sir.

He said it should be so and so amount, I said, I am not aware Sir. We have zero count of it. The time may come that there maybe. Maybe for statistics reasons but that is the least of our considerations.

If by the time a ground that can hold ten million is jammed to capacity and it overflooded all the way until you cannot see the end of the crowd. We are still not interested.

Somebody say a loud Amen. Did you learn anything from these stories? 

Billy Graham sneaked into Oral Roberts’ tent meeting and saw miracles until he wept. Billy Graham, the great Billy Graham. And he asked God that tent meeting and said can You give me power like this to heal many people like this? And God Said, if you minister some people many be healed but I have given you just one thing to focus for your life and that’s Salvation of Souls. Face it that is your message.

He faced it through out his life. One day they were singing ‘ just as I am without one plea’, singing such song and a blind eye was opened. And they ran and say a blind eye just got opened now and he said no oo, well that is very strange in our meetings. He faced other to things, he didn’t wanted to be distracted. He didn’t want anything to branch him away from his assignment.

We have enough money to build you a university like Oral Roberts, he said that is not part of my calling. There is enough money and there is enough land. 

There are people the only thing they want to do is what another person is doing. There are people that God called to build university in our generation, Christian Churches and of course you know that 8 over 10 of the World’s university particularly the topmost are Christian universities. 

There are those who have no business at all. There are those who have no business with Church planting at all.

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There are people who have an evangelistic mantle, who are meant to be evangelist but they feel like having a Church will make them comfortable and they branch into what God didn’t call them. And you will never be rewarded for a labour you are not called into. Never! You just wasted your existence, wasted your lifetime. 

You will never be rewarded for a labour you have not been appointed unto. So we need to come to the point where we just open ourselves. If your lifetime is to be an Usher in Church. Even if you feel the healing unction, go to the hospital and lay hands on the sick. As a matter of fact He said these signs shall follow them that believe, He didn’t say these signs shall follow pastors, He didn’t say these signs shall follow apostles.

Mark 16:17

Laying hands on the sick and casting out devils should be a normal everyday life of a Child of God. Somebody say Amen. 

This is very important, deep brokenness. Let Jehovah perceive from you a soul that is deeply broken. Deep brokenness makes it impossible for you to divide the glory with God. God knows that the glory is secured, that the honor is safe. Because He will be the one that owns the glory.

There are people here that God will never be able to make this kind of thing here to happen in their lives. It is not possible. 

I heard that some pastors sat in Lagos and were talking, the person who told me was one of person’s in the meeting too. They said that Church is a very big Church, 100 thousand seater. If one person give one thousand, that is one hundred million. So somebody among them said, so that is what you are thinking. It was that person who told me.

Many times here we have forgotten to take offerings. The massive Crusades crowd you are seeing, no one offering was taken. No dime was taken on those Crusade grounds.

There are people the offerings on Crusade grounds to close their ministry. People that I know. 

The easiest way not to miss where you are going is never to forget where you are coming from. The easiest way not to miss where you are going is to make sure you are touch with where you are coming from. You have an altar of memory. Do you know that when Israel crossed the Jordan. As they were about to cross, God said build a memorial altar in the wilderness here just to remind you where you passed through.

Everybody needs a memorial altar. Where are you coming from and where are you now. Where are you going?

One of my classmates in school, more than one now made me know his children needed assistance to go to school and I said today you want me to assist you with school fees? By the mercies of God I have never asked anybody to assist me with children school fees. Send me your account number, I am going to assist you with that school fees Both as a help to you and a gratitude to God. But for God I would have been the one asking him. That kind of situation does not make you raise shoulders. It’s an humbling encounter, it is an encounter that humbles you. 

Is it possible that I could have been here? Is it possible that my life could have been here? Because there’s nothing under heaven that you did that made you different. 

If you prayed, it is God who works in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure. If you were able to fast, it was God who works in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure. 

This brokenness of life that makes you to be in touch with how you started and where you are coming from. It’s what help you not to forfeit where you are going. 

After 21 years, God told Jacob return and make contact with Bethel. So that you don’t forget the encounter that made you. So you don’t forget the covenants you made at Bethel. So you can remain in touch with your destiny. Make some contact with your history. Is God speaking to anybody here at all? 

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Paul the Apostle who was a mobile Revival, he said by the grace of God I am what I am. I cannot brag, I cannot boast. He said, I am supposed to be the least of the Apostles, I am not qualified to be called an Apostle but see what grace did to me. He continuously spoke like that. He reminded himself of who he was and where he was coming from. 

Oral Roberts mother told him. Oral, when people clap for you and they consider you big, please always remain small in your own eyes. 

Do you know what God told Saul? ‘When thou was little in thy own sight, did God not anoint you King over Israel? That is now, you have become big. Now, you are a boss. Now, you are a G.O.

It’s better to allow revelation break you than to allow situations to break you. Because God can organize situations that can break a man. He organized it for Nebuchadnezzar. He was so arrogant with pride and he said look at this Babylon that I built with my hand and God said so you are so big? Let me show you how small you are. And then by the time situations finished with him, he said at the end of the day I lifted up my eyes. Don’t let situations break you. Let the revelation of God’s word to break you. Let the word of God circumcize you. 

When you hang around people, they will show you how big you are. When you hang around God, he will show you how small you are. It is a matter of choice. 

When Isaiah saw the visions of the Lord, high and lifted up. He said woe is me. The Almightiness of God will always reveal the nothingness of man. 

Every time you begin to appear big in your eyes, it’s prove positive that you have gone far from God. You are going far from God. 

You know what Kathryn Kulman said? Part of her secret, she said I die a thousand times. I just die a thousand times. She said she has never been confident of her abilities. Many times, she will be crying before she steps to the altar. Just before she steps to the altar. Lord Will You help me today? Lord Will You help me today?

Smith Wilgglesworth said, only dead gold can be used for minting. Only pressured flowers can bring out the fragrance. 

The eagle of man must be crushed so the heavens can be opened. 

What turned Lucifer into Satan the devil was the unbendable eagle. 

Have you heard of Evan Roberts who prayed for Wales revival for 13 years until the revival fell? You know his prayer? O Lord, bend us. Lord, bend us. Lord, please bend us. 

You know “I” is straight? Lord, bend us. 

After the Lord answered him, revival happened until police hard no case, judges had no case. The Miners had to retrain their horses. Because they used cursed words to train them. By the time they repented they couldn’t change the words they had used on them and they couldn’t say such words again. And when they say horse come, the horse couldn’t understand. Because they had used bad words, vulgar words. You know the way soldiers talk when they are in their privacy. The horses needed to be retrained. Even animals felt the revival. The prayer was, Lord bend us. 

You know humility is feelable and arrogance is palpable. How many of you have seen an arrogant person around you? He didn’t say anything but you felt it. It is not a matter of height or size. He may be tiny but you can feel this man full of himself. It’s a new day for you. Stand up on your feet





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