In This Kingdom if all you do is to pray that God Forgive The Wicked Ones, Then You Will Die Like Rat – Pastor Michael Samson







Enjoying his goodness through vengeance. Enjoying means to take delight or pleasure in something, other words for goodness are benevolence, wants, kindness, love, magnanimity, thoughtfulness, generosity these are other words for goodness, so when we talk about enjoying divine goodness we are talking about enjoying the benevolence of God, the kindness of God, the love of God, the magnanimity of God, the thoughtfulness of God and the generosity of God – Psalm 65-11, so it is God’s will that you and I end this year well, it is God’s will that the end of the year should open up with amazing testimony, we will have amazing testimonies in the name of Jesus, Salvation Ministries will have amazing testimonies in the name of Jesus, God’s servant David Ibiyeomie and his family will have amazing testimonies in the name of Jesus, you and I will have amazing testimonies in the name of Jesus.

Ecclesiastes 7:8, so by God’s agenda no matter how the year has been, no matter the ups and downs, no matter what you have experienced that is not good, God is saying that the remaining days of this year will be testimonies meeting testimonies, breakthroughs meeting breakthroughs, blessings meeting blessings in the mighty name of Jesus. Job 8:7, so if you put all what you’ve experienced as testimonies and breakthroughs from the beginning of the year up to November it will not match up to what God wants to do in the remaining part of this year. If you believe that shout a believing Amen.

James 1:17, there is no good thing you desire that God will not grant you today, the remaining days of this year shall be good news upon good news, testimonies upon testimonies, in the mighty name of Jesus. ChurchGist. In Matthew 7:11, politicians and wicked men do send their children abroad, they don’t put them in front of the battle line, even if these wicked people as they are knows how to give good things to their children, in other words what God is saying here is that the testimony you have been asking is just a request from you, God is waiting for you to ask, he said I am Willing, I love you, I want to give it to you, all you need to do is to ask.

What is vengeance?

Vengeance is defined according to Papa it is the intense punishment against a person for a wrong done – 2nd Thessalonians 1:6, God calls it an act of righteousness and holiness which means if you don’t like vengeance kind of prayers you are not righteous and holy.

God says for you to pray for the wicked to die is holiness, because God the Father kills and he is the most holy God, Holy! Holy!! Holy!!! is the Lord, Jesus cursed the fig tree am I correct? yes, the Holy Ghost killed Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5, so if you don’t kill who do you look like, you’re a misfit in this Kingdom, at times if you’ve not killed somebody, you should look for somebody to kill, it shows that you’re still in the faith, it shows that you’re still on fire, it shows that you’re still hot, do you understand? At times I tell myself I have not killed somebody of recent, somebody has to die, I have to kill somebody.

Papa told us in this Kingdom If all you do is to pray that God forgive the wicked ones then you will die like a rat and when a believer dies you will see unbelievers gathering talking and saying look at him that church man, when a believer dies the Devil is glorified but when a wicked man dies because you’re a believer God is glorified, it is a better news that somebody that is against you died instead of you than for you to die instead of that person.

God says I will give men for thee, I will give people in exchange for your own life, because your life is precious and valuable to God, you won’t die now in Jesus name, none of us will die now in Jesus mighty name.

Vengeance is God troubling our troublers, it is God punishing our oppressors, it is God fighting our enemies – Isaiah 49:24-26, God is asking a question here, anyone that is against Salvation Ministries anyone that is against God’s servant Pastor David Ibiyeomie, anyone that is against you and I; I decree that they will go down tonight in the name of Jesus, they will not live to carry out their evil device, for those of us travelling anyone that is waiting for you in the village; today I decree, they will not live to see your arrival, the earth will open up and swallow them in the name of Jesus, wherever they call your name for evil the thunders of Heaven will strike them dead in the name of Jesus. Hear this, open your heart in this service. Papa said there are two people that don’t like teaching like this, occultic people and those that are very religious.

An occult man will not like prayers like this because he knows it will affect him, and people that are very religious, those that don’t know their left from right, they don’t like prayers like this, they will say why don’t you pray for God to forgive them and they think that they know more than God.

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God says: suffer a witch not to live, you don’t know more than God. They go on to say that let us pray for them to be born again, that is foolishness, your life doesn’t have duplicate is not like a tyre that has spare tyre, once it is gone it is gone, so you don’t play with your life, don’t play with it, so open your heart, when I was in Bayelsa State a brother told me that he invited a lady to Church when we were doing Vengeance and Judgement service and she came and was saying why do we pray this kind of prayers, it is not good, we are meant to pray for sinners, for them to be born again, by the following week they kidnapped her mother, she now called the member and said please o, now I understand that prayer that you people do pray, please pray for them to die, they should die, so that was how the prayer went and she now became a member, she said: Now I understand, before I didn’t understand that thing but after the thing came to my own corner, now I know what you people suffer, what you people go through.

So open your heart, nobody around us will die in the name of Jesus, those who our Joy is their Joy, anybody that wants to kill anybody around us to hurt us they will go down in the name of Jesus.

1st Samuel 2:6, so we see that God has two sides, there is a mercy side and the punishment side of God, there is also the Life-giving side and the breadth taking side of God, God kills and gives life.

Genesis 12:3, this is the full gospel, the Gospel of only blessing is one leg, the Gospel of blessing and Judgement is complete. you won’t last as a child of God if you don’t believe this, Papa keep telling us of this particular illustration, that if you enter a boxing ring and all you’re doing is to defend they will finish you, so Christianity is not only about defending, no you also attack, someone want to kill you and you’re looking at the person, you finish the person.

You have gun and the person also has gun, so why will you keep your own gun too, you have to finish the person. Isaiah 6:1, so there are some persons that must go down for you to go up, anyone that is standing on your path of lifting I decree today under the Grace of this Commission such person will go down in the name of Jesus. Luke 2:24, even the Gospel is for the rise and falling of people, if you’re against the gospel you go down, yes so anyone against you and I will go down, anyone against Salvation Ministries will go down in the mighty name of Jesus.

Jeremiah 30:20, anyone that has fought against Salvation Ministries I decree today is their day of Judgement in the name of Jesus, God will bring out their file and destroy them in the name of Jesus, anyone that wants to stand to resist the spread and growth of Salvation Ministries, anyone that is putting soul that has been planted in Salvation Ministries in trouble we command them to be judged now in the name of Jesus, all the lost soul we command them to return now in the name of Jesus, as many that the Devil stole from Salvation Ministries , we command them to return now in the name of Jesus.

Hear this, Papa said that after every act of vengeance comes the goodness of God, for example Exodus 3:20-22, as the Vengeance of God comes upon our enemies we decree the wealth of Sinners shall be transferred to Salvation Ministries , to David Ibiyeomie and his family, to you and I in the name of Jesus, we will enter 2022 in a grand style in the name of Jesus, we will not enter 2022 empty we are entering with deluxe of blessing, we are crossing over with abundance in the name of Jesus, so as they go down we go up in Jesus mighty name.

The second example is Jehoshaphat 2nd Chronicles 20:21-25,29,30, I decree today as we lift up our voice all our enemies will begin to fight themselves, all the enemies of Salvation Ministries, they will fight themselves, not one will survive after tonight in the mighty name of Jesus, the Bible says: the following day there was dead bodies and not one escaped , none of your enemy will escape God’s Vengeance tonight, none of our enemies will escape God’s Vengeance tonight, if you believe it shout a believing amen.

It took them 3 days to gather the spoils, the testimonies and blessings that will proceed from this meeting will take us minimum of 10 years to recover from it in the name of Jesus. Picture this; someone wants to move and the other person is holding him, can the person move, his marriage life is stagnant, his finances dies, nothing is working, in the realm of the spirit something is standing as a barrier.

But when vengeance comes that force will be destroyed and whatever you do will now work, I see you go forward tonight, God Vengeance will answer in our favour tonight in the name of Jesus, Salvation Ministries will go forward in the name of Jesus, David Ibiyeomie family will go forward, you and I will go forward today in the name of Jesus.

Reasons why you just must be on the offensive

1) We live in a wicked world: Psalm 74:20, how many evils did Abel commit before Cain killed him, you don’t need to offend anybody for people to hate you, for some people just your dressing brings hatred to them, your testimony provokes them, but all such person’s that is against your progress they will go down, the Word of God says: I will plague them that hate thee and beat down thy foes before thine face, anyone thinking evil against Salvation Ministries, against David Ibiyeomie and his family, against you and I, while they are yet thinking God will shake his hand against them, just imagine God knocks somebody, will the person survive, that is how God will knock them in Jesus mighty name, he will just press their nose as they sleep and they won’t wake up in Jesus mighty name.

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2) Your Growth and Progress is a threat to the enemy, when they see you progressing, they see your growth they become envious, your growth and Progress is a threat – Exodus 1:7-10, from that time they started planning how to reduce the population of the Israelites, anyone that is planning your downfall, they will go down in the mighty name of Jesus. Papa said you don’t know your enemy until you have a breakthrough, if you’re living in a bungalow apartment you won’t know those that hate you, but when God moves you to your own mansion then you will know that those people that are close to you, your friends and brothers that they really hate you, are you hearing me? There are some enemies you don’t know but God knows all of them and tonight they will all go down in the name of Jesus, the Holy Ghost will search them out and destroy them in the name of Jesus.

3) The Best form of defense is offense. Papa said it is dangerous to be lifted and not have any form of protection, Job was lifted and the devil stroke, that will not be our portion in Jesus mighty name. The best form of defense is to be on the offensive – Matthew 10:16, for sometimes I was thinking about the meaning of this scripture until I got understanding when I was watching National Geographic Channel when they were talking about the serpent.

They said that all the strikes of the serpent are defensive ones you encroach the territory of the serpent he strikes you whether your intention is good or not, once you just come near the serpent he strikes, so when Jesus says be wise as the serpent means shoot at sight, to be protected you have to be on the offensive, I am sending you as sheep among wolves, we are in a wicked world so at any trace of evil or movement just fire, when you wake up in the morning you pray and send the arrow that anybody against my life go down, whoever digeth a pit shall fall into it, anyone seeking my downfall they go down, no weapon formed against me shall prosper, every tongue that shall rise against me in judgement thou shall condemn, I curse every tongue of the Devil against my life and destiny.

You open your mouth and you throw words. So, whatever they are planning you just scatter it, you wait for evil to happen then you start fighting for it to go out, so be on the offensive, have you seen a fly peg on a hot pot, even if the fly is from palm wine and the fly is drunk, they don’t go near a hot pot, as long as the pot is hot every fly will stay clear, whether it is coming from where they are drinking.

They don’t go near a hot pot it is when the pot is cool you can know see fly peg on it, that is why when the life of a believer is cool, no revival, no offensive gear, that is when the devil will now come around, but when you’re on the offensive and you’re dishing out the arrow, morning, night, evening, during the day praying in tongues, you will throw the thing, every devil stays clear, not the one you’re bathing you’re now praying sheepishly, Lord help me, as I am going for that contract favour me o, No!!! Any force that wants to stand against me must go down, any one that want to resist me as I appear in that office, I cast them out, as I appear everyone will fall on themselves to favour me, the earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof, as I go there, I command that the gate to be opened, that company belong to my father, that job belong to my father and as his son I am coming to take my portion. Someone was complaining to me that pastor I am a graduate I have submitted my CV and for years I have been looking for Job, I told him you’re not a serious person, how can you be looking for Job.

Just imagine the son to the president of this country, is there any job that he is looking for that he won’t get? whether there is job or not you will create office for him just to be at peace with the President, because the Federal Government might can come against you, so to avoid trouble with the President and the Federal Government you will just create one office and keep the boy there, so as a child of God you want to be employed, it is not determined by who is interviewing you, the earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof, the whole world and they that dwells therein, so when you submit your CV with that understanding, you pray in tongues, cast out every obstacle and you go there that morning they will say welcome we have been looking for you and the Job must be given to you.

Some years back a militant who just gave his life to Christ went for training and they were supposed to employ them. They employed the first set and they said his name is in the second batch, they employed the second batch they said his name is in the third batch, they employed the third batch they said his name is in the fourth batch and fourth batch is just a peaceful way of discharging them without trouble, so the people that knew him told him, you are here and they are doing all this make some trouble for them.

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The man came to my office that day he said pastor I am born again now I have vowed not to make trouble again if not I will cause a lot of trouble there, so I asked him that do you want to work there? He said sir this is not a time for jokes I am very angry, I am not happy I don’t have time for your Joke, I said I am not joking I am serious.

I asked again do you want to work there? He said of course why am I angry, I said okay! and I showed him Psalm 24:1, I said that place you want to work belongs to your father, you went there with a carnal mindset so go there now with spiritual understanding that the place belongs to your father and if it is your father that owns it, who will he employ first? He Said Pastor I am the one now, I told him go back there and tell them you want to work, he went back and told them he wants to work and they gave him guarantors form and he still working there till today it is over 10- 14 years ago, so you have to be on the offensive.

why are some people’s prayer of faith declaration not answered?

1) Hear this, God is a prayer answering God, the God we serve is not a prayer hearing God he answers prayers. ChurchGist. But if your prayers must be answered faith is required- Mark 11:23-24, say it and believe that it will come to pass then you will have whatsoever you say, we were all here when Papa sentenced Osikaku, Dowani and many other people whether known or unknown people and they have been dying. ChurchGist. This is the principle, say it and believe it that it is settled and it must come to pass, but the problem with some of us is that we say it but we don’t believe it, we say it, we don’t expect it to come to pass and so it does not come to pass, say it, believe it.

Permit me, prayer is like tendering a request, Faith is like receiving the answer, so if you pray without Faith there will be no answer, prayer is tendering your request, Faith is receiving the answers. ChurchGist. If all you do is pray and you don’t believe that you have received there will be no manifestation, prayer has to be coupled with Faith, that is believing it is done, having that confidence and assurance that after your prayer that this matter is a settled matter, you will see some people after vengeance service like this they will come outside after service and laying complain about your wicked uncle, saying the man has killed so many people in the family, and I answer them that but you just prayed now, didn’t you just pray in church and they say we know but this one ehmm, if you know him ehnnn, that is praying but not receiving, because you have magnified the Devil. You don’t really believe in the prayer you made, because if you believe the prayers, after the prayer you will say that man is dead, that man is gone, God has answered, it is done that man, that man I have finished him and then you start waiting for his death, then you now see that the man will die, do you understand?

Papa declared it here Osikaku and Dowani died, when you say it, you believe it is done. ChurchGist. If after you pray you are now waiting to see what happens that is not it, after you have prayed then you believe it is done and God says that is the Faith, you have received the answer then it will be done, that man terrorizing your community, that is making you people not to come to the community any more, if you know him, you call his name and declare this man you go down, you call him by name and command him to go down in the name of Jesus and you believe it is done. am I communicating?

2) Over estimation of the enemy.
Numbers 13:33, some people always exaggerate. ChurchGist. when David came to face Goliath, David was no match against Goliath, David was a shepherd a young boy, a 17 years old teenagers and Goliath is a giant and a skilled spider, if you watch wrestling and other fight, they fight by their weight, they have feather weight, light weight, middle weight and heavy weight. am I correct? so you can’t compare David and Goliath physically, Saul that was a skilled warrior could not even try Goliath but David looked at him through the Word of God, he said who is this uncircumcised Philistine defiling the Army of Israel, who are you? he didn’t look at him from the physical point of view, he looked at him from the Word of God, he said he will kill him like a chicken, I will cut off your head and give your body to the fowls of the air, that was a small boy with catapult talking and the other man has sword a trained man.

So, you don’t look at the physical appearance of the person or the charm or what they have been saying about the person, you don’t look at all those things, you come with the Word of God in your mouth, you size the person from the Word of God. The Word of God says all flesh is grass, so this man is grass, I will finish you now and as I prophesy, as I decree you are dead. You won’t be looking that the man has killed several persons, you kill the man. praise the Lord. let us go to practical in Jesus name.

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