“One Day I Went to God And Asked About my Future After People Called me Names, Then he Told me This” – Apostle Johnson Suleman

Founder of Omega Fire Ministry Apostle Johnson Suleman, in a video on his church’s official Facebook page, revealed what God told him when he asked him about his future because people called him different kinds of names.

Apostle Suleman disclosed this, when he was telling his congregation that, they should allow God to waste them because “if God cannot waste them, he can not make them” and that when people tell them their life is wasted, they should tell them, yes! Let Jesus waste it.

The cleric then revealed what God told him when he asked him about his future.

“One day, I was praying when I asked God the question. I said I have lost my friends, many have gone to the world, many see me as somebody who do not know what he is doing-my days of beginning ministry. Many called me all kinds of names. What is your future for me? God said “. What if there is no future?, what if I’m just wasting your life? What if after all this, nothing comes out of it? God told me, get to that point when you enjoy being wasted.”

Apostle Suleman then said that, those that enjoy their life being wasted for God are the generation that God have a reward for.(Luke 1:18).

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