Pastor Abel Damina Reveals Why He Said Jesus Christ had sinful thoughts As A Man

While preaching to his his congregation in his Thursday evening service streamed live on his Facebook page, Pastor Dr Abel Damina spoke on man and the desires to sin. According to the man of God, having desires/thoughts are what defines a man and sin can only be conceived if a man acts on the sinful desires or thoughts he has in him. Pastor Able Damina quoted Bible passages like James 1:15 where it was quoted clearly that SIM can only be conceived by action. In his own words…

“You have to have a desire to be tempted but the fact that you have a desire, does not result in sin automatically. But every man has desires, if you don’t have desires then you are not a man. That means that desires are man like. So Jesus Christ had desires.

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“Was Jesus Christ a man? Yes? So he had desires. But he was not drawn to the point of conceiving sin, but he had desires. That means Jesus Christ had sinful thoughts, yes he did. He has a desire as a man, except he was not a man. If you say Jesus Christ did not have sinful thoughts, you cancel him from being a man.”

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