Pastor David Ibiyeomie Reveals To his members the act of faith he took when someone mocked him

At Salvation Ministries’ Home of Success, Pastor David Ibiyeomie gave a talk. His lecture was titled Hope: Provoker of Faith, and he told his members the act of faith he took when someone mocked him.

He revealed that he will never forget how somebody mocked him. He said, “why did you go to GRA, you want to show that you have money.” He said that he looked at the person who talked to him and asked, “are you the one that sent me to GRA.” But the person later came to him for help and he was the only one to help him. After he had mocked him in time past and urged him not to say it twice, it will be done.

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Speaking further, he said that you should not allow what you’re passing through to affect you. He said that some of you the way you look is making people pity you. Before you even enter the Church, you want everybody to know that you have not eaten. The way you even stood in front of the gate; people will have to ask you if everything is alright.

He then claimed that you will never know when things are not good with them from the expression on their face. Even when they had no food, he was still laughing. It’s a testimony that he can always share. He said that he has eaten rice and palm oil so much that till today if you give him jollof rice, he will have to taste it before he likes it. “I ate rice and palm oil so much, the day my wife puts crayfish, Glory be to God,” he said.

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Finally, he said that when he passed through those difficulties, nobody knew in the Church. He would just come and say “Jesus loves you, I am going to be a very rich man, I am going to feed people in my house.”

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