Pastor E.A Adeboye Reveals What He Did When he heard of the plans of some billionaires who wanted to buy him a private jet

Pastor E.A Adeboye while preaching, revealed what he did when he heard of the plans of some billionaires in the church many years ago. He said, “At a stage of our history, 4 of the biggest billionaires in Nigeria were worshipping here. 

I am talking of billionaires at a time when billion naira means billion naira. At a time when the Naira was stronger than the Dollar. At a stage in your history, some of the members here met and decided they will buy me a jet. I’m talking of decades ago; not today. 

I had to stop them because I heard about their plan. They were already contacting one of my children who works with American Airline in America. “How do we get a very nice well used jet for our pastor?” I had to stop them; said, “Ah! Buying a jet is one thing; maintaining it is another thing. That right now, I need money to build Churches; not a jet.”

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He then said, “In case you don’t believe me, well, there’s evidence. When 9/11 happened, and America was trying to find out who and who could be connected with bombing their something, they saw a record. You know, every telephone call you make to America is recorded. 

In case you don’t know, know it now. They saw in their database that there was a time some people in Nigeria were trying to buy a jet from American Airlines. So they sent their operatives to go and pick up my son there. To find out what happened to that project. Then they discovered it is a pastor they wanted to buy it for. And they felt a pastor is not going to be a bomber. That’s you! That’s where you are!

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