“The Unimaginable thing I did for my half-brother who bought me a very beautiful cap” – Pastor E.A Adeboye Reveals

Founder of Redeem Christian church of God, Pastor E.A Adeboye has revealed the unimaginable thing he did for his half brother who bought him a very beautiful cap.

He said, 

“When I was a little kid, my elder (half-brother) traveled to the nearest town near us and when he was returning, he came back with a face cap. Very colourful and beautiful beyond measure to us, the little ones.

We’ve never seen anything like that before. So, we all gathered round him admiring the face cap. Then, he did something very funny. 

He took off the face cap and placed it on my head. ‘oh! he allowed me to wear this beautiful thing?’ All the other children were amazed and were very envious of me.

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Thereafter, he said something unbelievable. He said to me, ‘I bought it for you’. To say the truth, I nearly fainted with joy. 

That scenario happened around 1950. 

Several years passed until maybe about 22 years, and one night, I couldn’t sleep, and for one reason or the other, my mind went back to the day because I was trying to go over my life, thinking of days of joy and my mind went back to that day.

A question came to my mind, ‘what have you done for that man?’. As a result, I made up my mind what I will do. So, one day, he was sitting at home in our village. He was a poor farmer who hasn’t even got money to buy a bicycle. 

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My driver and another fellow drove a car into the front of the house. Now, whenever they hear the sound of a car in front of our house, they assume I have come. So, he came out with the others and exclaimed, ‘haha! Where is Daddy G.O.?’

‘oh! He is not here’

‘OK. Why are you here?’

‘Daddy G.O. said we should tell you that this car is yours, this man will be your driver. He said he will pay for the driver, he will fuel the car, and he will maintain the car.’

The man replied, ‘what are you saying?’

My driver answered, ‘that’s the message’

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They later reported back to me that when they told him, he was looking for a chair to sit on because he felt dizzy.

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