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For over an hour after their prayers with Pastor Joe, Mirabel sat in the chalet quietly. She didn’t say a word to Mayor. She had a lot of questions, but there was a force restraining her from saying anything.

“Don’t ask any more questions…you have been told he has sinned, your part is to forgive him and pray that the consequences of his Sin will not catch up with anyone of you!” A comforting and convincing voice was saying to her over and over.

Mayowa on the other hand was silently praying over everyone… He had come to realize that confrontation will do nothing or little in solving problems, but committing everything into God’s hand can do all things. He didn’t know how God was going to solve this whole issue, but the few hours he had spent with God had assured him all was going to be well…


” Hello Tams!” Rekky had put a call across to Tams. Tams was her best friend in the world…

” My bestie in the World, Happy Sunday…I know I can’t ask you how church was, because monkey no dey eat bird food…” Tams said laughing…

” Babe, do I have a problem?” Rekky asked

” As in?” Tams replied hearing the tone of seriousness in her.

” I mean my sleeping around with men, is it a problem?” Rekky asked…

” Are you asking me?”

” Yes!”

“Well truthfully speaking, it’s a BIGGGG Problem that requires big deliverance, you have been distributing your virtues to different men losing Glory. Babe, you have been married for how long? And no child to show for it! You think that is normal? No it’s not, those powers want you to waste your time, energy and virtue. The devil wants you regretting 15 years from now, by the time your mates are giving their daughters away in marriage and you are yet to have one. Babe, besides some of these young boys out there are not out there for love, you think them sleeping with you is for love…for instance your Osmond boyfriend who keeps collecting your underwear as a souvenir, you sure he is not up to something?” Tams said out of the blues… Tams was surprised as well at the volume of words that poured out of her mouth.

” Can he use it for something evil?” Rekky asked ignorantly.

“Are you asking me babe? Babe your discharge from your body represents you, it is that discharge some boys will take from your underwear and use it for rituals… Just pray the guy is not that kind of a guy, or else you are a dead meat already!” Tams replied bluntly.

“But what if he has that intention?”

” Then you need to be faster than him,You stop him before he stops you!”

” How?”

” By praying! Gosh! Rekky, this your too much sex has slowed down your thinking process!”

” Thank you! See kettle calling pot black, don’t you still do your once a month!”

” Me? I have stopped three months ago, I told you to stop yours, remember? but No way. Babe, I noticed it was slowing me down, besides I realized God had given me a fantastic husband, so going around was not making sense!”

” Congratulations!” She said sarcastically

” But back to our conversation, how can I pray? I don’t know how to pray!”

” Babe, it’s a process, you can’t just start praying like that, the prayer of a sinner is an abomination unto God.”

” Ok?!”

” You have to repent of all your sins and accept Jesus as your Lord and personal SAVIOUR!”

” Oya! Let’s do it!” Rekky said


Martins sat in the living room fuming over Rekky’s anger about his supposed extra marital affair…

“Isn’t that selfishness? She wants to keep having fun while I live a boring life!” He said to himself.

” She still loves you and doesn’t want to share you with anyone!” A voice replied him

” How can she love me and still sleep around with other men?”

” What if it is a problem?”

” A problem?”

” Yes, a childhood addiction that has not been conquered. Addiction comes in different shapes and sizes, some people are addicted to alcohol, smoking, food, talking and so on , what if Rekky’s addiction is Sex?” The voice said

Martins anger fizzled away. He was left with pity for Rekky rather than anger!


Moko was still ruminating over his strange dream, when his home phone rang. His wife was calling. Moko could sense the call was not a pleasant call…

“What is it?” He said after picking the call.

” Malcolm has been shouting his throat is on fire, he said something like a pin is stuck in his throat!” His wife said crying.

Moko could tell the Lord of the universe had started a battle with him!

” Do a video call!” Moko said.

Moko moved to a background he had created for such family video calls, the background had a sea like look.

Moko’s heart broke when he saw Malcom crying in pain, and pointing his hand at his throat in pain….

Moko told his wife to tell everyone to leave the room where Malcolm was. He wanted to chant some incantations to help Malcolm….

The Lord of the universe could not have his back on the ground, just like that…

To be continued



©️Opeyemi O. Akintunde

Moko chanted different incantations all to no avail. After a long time of chanting without result, he made up his mind that he was going to lose Malcom…

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“My stomach! My stomach!” Belinda his second daughter started screaming. She rushed into her mother’s room… Followed by other people in the house.

“Mommy, someone is twisting my intestines!” She said crying in pain.

Moko could tell, this was no child’s play…

To everyone’s amazement in the house, Belinda started foaming a whitish substance out of her mouth. Without anyone expecting it, Belinda passed out!

“Ha! My daughteerrrrrr!” Moko’s wife screamed ” Please tell me she is not dead!”

Moko knew it was time to return home before he lost everything he had….


” Moko, you are going home?” Joan asked on seeing Moko locking the door to his private chambers.

” Yes! I should be back by tomorrow!”

” Ok,I was on my way to see you! I saw something terrible coming our way!”

” What?”

” I don’t know what exactly it is, I saw a big fireball and Whirlwind entering the village and disrupting everything. I mean everything… Some of us died in the process but nothing happened to the fowls, it looked like the fireball and whirlwind came to save the people, so it’s war was against us and not them.”

Moko knew the interpretation, the Fireball and the Whirlwind had to be the Lord of the universe. It was obvious the Lord of the earth meant business….

Moko turned from his car and returned to his office.


Moko laid on the floor in respect…

” Lord of the whole universe, I can see you are interested in someone I must have kidnapped and it is obvious you have declared war against me. I can see your hand already fighting in my home and Joan has seen what is coming soon… please forgive me and pardon me, please give me the name of the person and I will release the person…” Moko pleaded

” Release all of them and I want you to come to me!” A loud voice replied


Mirabel fell on her knees in the room. She joined Mayowa who had been kneeling in prayers… Mirabel joined her hands with Mayowa in prayers as each person prayed silently.


Pastor Joe kept interceeding even while eating his late lunch at home.


“Rekky, I think we should go see my Mother’s pastor tomorrow. Pastor Joe Akintunde, he is very good in deliverance. You need total cleansing. “

” Ok Tams!.thanks!”

” I will pick you up by 7am tomorrow!”

” Tams, Martins wants a divorce!”

” Ha! Babe,don’t allow him ooo, Rekky, you can never find a man like Martins again ooo”

” So what should I do?:

“Pray to God for him to touch his heart and humble yourself to Apologize to him. Promise him you will stop sleeping around! Babe be fast about it!”

” Ok! ” Rekky said


” What do you mean the girl is not picking your call? Osmond you must bring the last pant tomorrow or else you will run mad ” the herbalist said to Osmond over the phone.

Osmond knew he was in trouble. He dialed Rekky’s number again, this time around, Rekky picked up…

“Osmond, it’s over between us. I am no more interested, don’t call me again.. ever!” Rekky hung up and blocked Osmond’s number.

Martins was already at the door of the room, he wanted to have a conversation with her but her conversation with her boyfriend made him stop in his tracks. Rekky stood up sharply to meet Martins in the living room but bumped into him by the door…

They looked straight into each other eyes…

Rekky’s eyes had a mix of apology and shame, while Martins had a mix of love, pity and hurt…

“I am sorry!” Rekky said in what sounded like a Whisper.

“I have missed you so much!” Martins replied.

He took her hand in his and for the first time in a long while, his hand touched her without her resisting him.

To be continued




Opeyemi O.Akintunde

Moko sat for over 45 minutes doing nothing…

“How can I release everyone?” Was his question.

“Release everyone and I release all your loved ones!”

Jola, his secret mistress was calling. He was about ending the call but it dawned on him that, the Uncreated Creator may have started touching what he had with her.

Their two sons!

“Hello Jola!”

“How are you baby?”

“I am fine! What is it?”

“Nothing, Are you okay?”

“Nothing is wrong with the kids?”

“No, but…”

“But what? …”

“I had a dream!”


“I saw an elderly man who looked like a shepherd walking up to me. He said to me that I should tell the father of my children to return all his sheep to him, if not he will take all his sheep. He said I should tell you that he is ready to forgive you for all you have done, if you return all his sheep to him!” Jola said

“Ok! thank you!”

“Are you now into sheep rearing?” Jola asked ignorantly

“No, but I think I know what the dream means!”

“Ok! By the way how come your line went through, are you not on the high sea!”

“I will talk to you later!” He hung up. He wasn’t in the mood for any chit chat!

Everything was pointing to the fact that he had to let the people go…

He brought out his phone, dialed Mayor’s number, it was unavailable. He dialed Tony’s number, his phone rang…

“Hello Moko, good evening…”

“Come to the village immediately, on your way, stop by Mayor’s place and ask him to come as well.” Moko said authoritatively before hanging up.

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Tony wondered what the urgent call was for. Weekends were for resting except for auctioning weekends. Joan was the only one who stayed permanently in the village. Her family thought she was living in the United States.

“I hope no one has rebelled!” Tony said to himself.


Martins couldn’t believe what had just happened…

Rekky allowed him to make love to her.

“What happened?” He questioned.


“I mean what changed?”

“The thought of losing you did a brain reset, besides Tams told me the truth!”

“What truth?”

“I can never find a man like you if I ever lose you!”

“Well said!” Martins said laughing.

“And she said I had a problem and needed deliverance!”

“I think so too, I see it more as an addiction and I am ready to assist you on the journey to healing!”

“Are you sure?”

“Huh huh!”

“That means you will go with me tomorrow to see Tams ‘ Mother’s pastor!”

” Tams’ Mother’s pastor… that connection is quite long ooo…” Martins joked.

“Yes… The popular Pastor Joe Akintunde “

“Oh! Fine…I will go with you as long as I get another taste of what I have been starved!” Martins said cuddling Rekky again playfully.


“Can I get a charm that will make her come to my house… Like a charm I will speak to her with, or can you call her with your charm!” Osmond said shaking on the phone.

“Osmond, we can not use any charm on her, the pant has to be taken from her in her right senses!”

“I am finished!”

“You are not finished! If by this time tomorrow, you have not gotten the last pant, you will be finished!” The herbalist said angrily…


“This Osmond is an unfortunate human being, I hope he doesn’t affect me with his bad luck..” the herbalist complained to his son Ifatoyinbo…


“It’s not good to start a ritual and not finish it! The evil forces will lose confidence in me. Next time I call on them, they won’t answer, worst still, they can rebel against me as they have started feasting on the virtue of the lady and suddenly I stop them by not providing the last ingredient… They may turn and fight against me! “

“Kamari ( May we not see evil)”

“Kamari ooo!” The herbalist replied thinking about what he could do about the situation.


Tony got to the Ritualist’s Village around 8:30pm. He went straight to the Deposition unit…

“What’s up Joan? Did Mayor rebel?”

“Why did you say that?”

“Moko asked to come immediately and on my way I should bring Mayor, but on getting to Mayor’s house, I met his absence. “

“I don’t know what’s happening, Moko has been acting strange all afternoon, and also I have a bad feeling something terrible is coming our way soon! I think we need to lay low!” Joan was saying when Moko walked in.

“Where’s Mayor?”

“I met his absence!”

“Ok! I guess he will get the information later!”

“Something has come up! And we need to lay low as Joan has said. We will be releasing all fowls and we all will go hiding, till I have the confidence we can come back.”

“Release the fowls?”


“They have seen our faces!”

“And that’s why I said we are to lay low… Leave the country, hide from public functions… like I said it is for a while till I get clearance!”

“Clearance? Clearance from who?” Tony asked raising his voice

“From God!”

“Which God?”

“God ! ” Moko said raising his head towards heaven .

“And since when did you start hearing God and obeying God?”

“Tony, when did you start questioning me? I know what I heard and from who?” Moko said angrily.

Tony kept quiet… Joan who had been observing said…

“When do we leave? And how do we release the fowls! I believe in God and I know sometimes he can be Merciful on sinners like us, especially when we have righteous people praying for us. I know my own family prays for me and so, God speaking to you may be to save my life.” Joan said.

“We leave tonight! We announce to every of the staff, we send messages to everyone not present and when we are about to leave we remove the padlocks from the gate of the cells of the fowls. I believe when they wake up in the morning, they will realize we are gone. The Lord of the Universe will see them through and show them the way out.” Moko said with the tone of finality.

Tony was not pleased with the new development but he knew there was nothing he could do about it.

To be continued



©️Opeyemi O. Akintunde

It was a beautiful Monday morning… Mayowa woke up in fear, despite the reassuring presence of God. He looked at his wife and son who were still fast asleep.

“Please God, don’t let me lose any of them in Jesus name. “

He looked at his work phone. It was switched off. Pastor Joe had told him to turn it off.

He had the temptation to try to help God by calling Tony to beg him not to go out for any fowl that day, but he resisted the temptation.

He promised himself to concentrate on the prayers. They had been told to get to the church premises by 8am.

He tapped Mirabel from sleep.

“Babe, it’s 6:30 already, we should get ready for the prayers!”

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At exactly 8am as Rekky, Martins , Tams, Tams’ mother were walking into the church premises, Mayowa and his family were walking into the church from the entrance that led to the chalet.

“Sh…t” Mayowa said on seeing Rekky.

“What is it?” Mirabel asked.

“Nothing! That lady looks like someone terrible I knew in the past!”

“One of your old girlfriends!” Mirabel teased.


“Ok ooo!, but she must have been very terrible to get that reaction from you!”

“Very terrible!”

“There is no one God can not forgive, at least that’s why we are here as well!”

Mayowa and his family sat directly behind Martins and Rekky.

Pastor Joe mounted the pulpit and gave a short word about deliverance. He emphasized on the importance of genuine salvation as a prerequisite for deliverance. He spoke on faith and the need to forgive if God was to deliver a man completely.

In between the message, Rekky kept looking backwards at Mayowa.

She swore she had met him somewhere before, but she couldn’t place it. Was it in a dream or in reality? She tried hard to remember. She had a strong deja vu feeling.

Suddenly, she looked back and said to Mayowa…

“Sir, do I know you from somewhere!”

“In this life or the one before?” Mayowa said jokingly.

Rekky smiled

Without telling a lie, he said…” If it’s in this life, definitely no, but maybe in the life before, we sure may have met! “

Martins looked back as well and joined in the joke by smiling…

“Ok!” Rekky said “I am sorry, I thought I had seen your face before!”

“Not a problem!”


Moko had returned home, but met his wife’s absence. He was told his wife had taken his two kids to Pastor Joe Akintunde’s church for their popular deliverance program.

Moko got into his car in a rage driving as fast as his car could move….

The moment he stepped in, Pastor Joe said…

“Welcome son of the Most High!”

Moko looked back expecting to see someone behind me…

“Welcome! God has been waiting for you!”

Moko was directed to the front seat.

Mayowa wanted the ground to swallow him up, He couldn’t believe Moko had trailed him to the church!

“I am here for my family!” Moko whispered to the Usher.

“You will see them after the service”.


The next four hours was an explosive time in the presence of God. The power of God passed through Rekky, Moko and other members who gave for the service. The strangers in their body left and they were delivered.

During the course of the deliverance, Pastor Joe saw the herbalist fighting him concerning Rekky, but an angel came in the midst and separated Rekky from the herbalist, stabbing him on his thigh with his sword.

Moko had multiple demons battling for his soul, Pastor Joe spent close to an hour praying on him as those demons contended heavily with him since Moko had not given his life to Christ.

After the service , Moko was surprised to see Mayowa.

“What are you doing here?” Moko asked.

“I saw an evil coming to us at the Ritualist Village and I was scared to meet you personally, so I decided to see Pastor Joe instead. “Mayowa said

“I didn’t know you will be here as well”.

“I guess it’s the hand of God, Joan saw the same thing you saw and the uncreated creator paid me a visit to release all the fowls and stay low for a while!” Moko said.

“And you did?” Mayowa asked.

“Yes, when He threatened to kill all that I have!”

“Thank God! So everyone has left the village?”


Mayowa had tears running down his face. He had won the battle through prayer not by running from pillar to post!


“I said everyone get back inside your cell…Now!” Tony’s voice was ringing loud in the camp.

After they had dispersed in the morning, he turned back with two of his loyal boys. He wanted to continue the business. He had made so much money to stop the business…


As Joan drove off, she knew Tony was going to return to that village.

She brought out her phone and dialed the number of the inspector of police…

“Hello, I have an important information for you…..” Joan gave them the full description of the village.

After hanging up, she threw the phone into the Bush… She was going back home to start a new life.


The herbalist was groaning in pain at the Angel’s sword that cut deep into his thigh…

“You this Osmond, madness is your portion… for bringing me useless job, you shall be walking around without any use…” the herbalist cursed.

“Baba mii, sorry!” Ifatoyinbo said.

“Ifatoyinbo, go call me Baba pastor, tell him to come beg the angel that put his sword in my leg ooo,” the herbalist cried in pain. The pain was excruciating. He knew it was the elderly pastor on his street that could help him appeal to the angel standing by him.


Osmond got on the road and started screaming…

“One more pant!”

“One more pant!”


The police rounded the ritualists village up and captured Tony and the boys. They released all those that had been captured.


By 9pm, that night, Mayowa sat on the floor in the church weeping at how, his life and that of others had been saved because he committed everything into God’s hand.

To be continued

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My Passion for The Gospel bought about this great Platform.. I love to share the Good News. That's my PASSION. I don't believe the Gospel should be boring. Nobelie is so exclusive. You won't find what we offer any where else. You ask a friend.

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