Reno Omokri Clarifies The Position Of Parental Consent In Marriage As The Most Important Factor

Marriage is an institution established since the beginning of the world. According to the Bible, God sees that a man needs a helpmeet hence He creates a woman out of him. As such, a man is incomplete not till he is married when the right time comes. Naturally, every man who marries always appear responsible or is expected to be responsible for every marital involvement.

Reno Omokri is an erstwhile Personal assistant to the former President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan. A lawyer by profession, and a best-selling writer. In response to the recent announcement by a federal high court sitting in Lagos that the marriages being conducted in the Ikoyi registry are invalid, as a result of being unconstitutional for the federal registry to conduct marriages. He responds that, no matter what the declaration of the body in charge of the marriage registry, across the nation, might be, as per the credibility or validity of the Ikoyi registry certificate, the parental assent to all marriages is the most important. The online personality reiterates the scriptural stand on marriage and the particular attention in Genesis 2:24, on the covenant of God for a married man, that he would leave his parents and cleave to his wife, in the union. This he asserts in contrast to the declaration of the court on the nullification of the credence of all Federal registries in joining spouses in marriage, in which the Ikoyi registry falls.

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He also continues in Genesis 24:67, of the traditional aspect of marriage, which has been on for a very long time. Parents used to be, and are still the ones with the final say on marriage. Hence, no one has the authority to join intending couples except the parents. However, the ministry of interior has announced in objection to the earlier information invalidating the Ikoyi registry that, the marriage certificates being issued at the Ikoyi registry is legal and remains valid.

As much as marriage is concerned, the aspect of parental assent is important, and so also that of the public. The Bible clarifies proverbially the necessity of obeying the laws generated by the constituent authority, so also that which comes from God. This does not also leave behind the traditional norms and beliefs. All of these important authorities work together to make a total man, independent and responsible in the sane world.

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