Rev. Funke Adejumo Advises Her Congregation To Post Their Pictures On Facebook And Instagram – Here is why

Pastor Funke Adejumo spoke to members in the church on the reasons why they should not keep quiet and be silent in this noisy world.

She advised them to refuse to be intimidated. “Get to your office in the morning and plead the blood of Jesus upon your seat,”she said. According to her, if your kids are still young, go to their room by 2 am and plead the blood of Jesus. As a young married woman, take the anointing oil and anoint your bedroom saying that nobody will take your husband from you. Speak prophetic utterances on your life and family.

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She said that if you are too silent, you will be silenced. Speak and water your life with utterances. This world is too noisy and you must be heard. According to her, people have not been able to silence her because she will not keep quiet. She says that if anyone abuses her, she will reply.

Speaking further, she said that you should post your pictures and show that you are happy. Your critics are the people that watch you most so you have to give them movies to watch. Let them burn their data to come and watch you. Your Instagram page is too quiet, fire your Facebook so that your critics can see the glory of God in your life. Tell yourself that you have all-around victory and nobody can kill you.

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