Seven Grounds On Which I Will Allow Divorce To Take Place – Pastor Wisdom Irabor Reveals

Bishop Wisdom Irabor, the presiding bishop of Answers Assembly dropped an important on divorce on his official Facebook page. According to him, he made a post the other day, that he will stand with them if they are divorced once, but will allow them to stand for themselves if they are divorcing every time. He said that someone then asked him if I am encouraging divorce? and then gave seven Grounds on which he will allow divorce to take place. They are:

1. An Established Case Of Adultery From Both Ends:

He said that most women don’t know they can divorce a cheating husband and move on. It’s not only the Woman that can’t cheat by tradition. The Man also should not cheat by revelation.

2. An Established Case Of Continuous Violence From Both Ends:

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He revealed that the first time a married woman or man hears the word, ‘I will kill you’ from the mouth of the partner, is the day the marriage should end. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh.

3. An Established Case Of Total Abandonment:

According to him, apart from a health challenge, if your partner abandons you for years, in the court of law, after some time, the marriage ceases to exist.

4. An Established Case Of Insanity And Madness:

He said that if this person mistakenly kills you, it is not a case in a court of law. His or her family will produce her medical history and the case will die a natural death.

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5. An Established Case Of Genotype Incompatibility:

He revealed that most especially when children start dying in their both hands, it means their faith has already failed. The same way you cancel a wedding on the ground of Genotype Incompatibility, you can also authorize divorce, when those innocent kids start dying and if both parties want a divorce.

6. When Either Of The Parties Involved, Has Vowed Never To Make It Work:

He revealed that you can’t join a willing mind, with an unwilling mind. The Law is still the same, for without your mind, will I do nothing. This person keeps saying ‘I don’t want to marry, I won’t divorce you, if you want to go, you can go’. They are the most difficult set of people to handle.

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7. When The Marriage Is Now A Barrier To Your Doing The Will Of God Or Serving God Faithfully:

According to him, if your husband is going into the Occult World to start eating and dining with the devil and demons, and as his wife, you are told that you must join him or you die if you are not a member of that Cult, do you join him and become God’s enemy? or you divorce him to Preserve your Soul for Eternity with God?

Finally, he said that before you start commenting and quoting the lord hates divorce ask yourself if the lord also loves death by a troublesome marriage. God will always hate divorce but will forever love divorcees.

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