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As Inspired by the Living Word.

Our first target is AKANBI DAMINO…. Akanbi Damino like you know is one of the richest men in our country, but I am sure you don’t know that he is one of the highest ranking sperm collectors in the country.” Tina said
Tina, Chuks and Favour were seated in Favour’s office.

This was three months after Joan had interviewed Chuks. After the interview, the trio had gone into 3 months of intense prayers and fasting, where they discovered certain Spiritual gifts and abilities….

Tina discovered she could see into what would happen in the future and what may have happened in the past….

Chuks realized his words carried power. Whenever he said something even jokingly, it happened immediately… As little as saying, “That cup will fall”. The cup fell almost immediately. Hence, Chuks started cautioning the words that came of his mouth…

Favour had discovered her Spiritual gifts but was careful not to disclose them all to the other two. God gave her the gift of the Open eyes and ears which she disclosed to them… He also gave her some undisclosed gifts…

Here they were, seated deliberating on their first attack on the SCA. Tina was suggesting they picked Akanbi Damino as their first target….

Akanbi had two sons he never joked with, as evil as he was, he protected his sons with his life, because those were the two sons he had before joining the SCA. After joining the SCA, his sperm was drained in exchange for his wealth.

Tina knew If Akanbi Damino could be won over to their side, the SCA was in for big trouble….

Akanbi Damino could swear some people were speaking about him and deliberating over his matter…. The rate at which they were calling his name was distracting him. He was trying to tie up a multibillion partnership with a foreign company in the ongoing meeting, but he kept hearing his name…

“Please Can I use the restroom?” Akanbi stood up sharply from the meeting.

He needed a minute to himself….

He walked to the gents and looked into the gents mirror….

“Who are you? And where are you? You who keeps calling my name…” Akanbi said wearing his SCA specs.

Favour froze! Tina noticed…

“Favour what is wrong?” Tina and Chuks asked…. Instead of replying, Favour looked sharply to her Left.

Favour saw it coming, she could see an intruder running by the Speed of Light into their midst….

“Someone is coming to spy in on us…” Favour said as she jumped up…

“That must be Akanbi, he must have sensed us mentioning his name….” Tina said. Her years in the SCA made her familiar with the ways of its members…

“What do we do?, He is coming really fast! He will be here in few seconds” Favour said

“I build a wall of Fire around us right now in Jesus name” Chuks said

Favour immediately saw a wall of Fire around them, but Akanbi on seeing the fire built a metal frame around himself as he kept charging towards them….

“He has built a frame of metal around himself… He will penetrate the fire soon and discover us” Favour said panting….

Tina knew that would destroy their plans. Akanbi was a brutal man who had gone deep into high levels of occultism…

“There has to be a way out!” Tina tried to reason fast…then she saw a flash of what she could do.

She saw an Angel encompassing a group….

“Let’s begin to pray, I read in the scriptures, that when we pray, God’s Angels are there to guard us. “ Tina said “I believe when the Angel surrounds us, Akanbi won’t see us “

The trio immediately burst into tongues…. Praying in the Holy Ghost….

Akanbi passed through the fire, but on getting to the spot of his destination, He couldn’t see anything … He saw big wings hovering over a set of people… He moved around to see who they were but the wings had covered them up…

Never had his SCA Specs failed him…..

He immediately ran back to where he was coming from….

Back in the toilet, Akanbi could tell he was in for big trouble….

“Whoever these people are, I will get you and finish you!” Akanbi muttered to himself…

To be continued

“THE LIGHTHOUSE SQUAD!” ( The sequel to Teacher Chuks)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the Living Word.
“Whew! That was close!” Favour said collapsing into the chair after seeing that the intruder had left.

“ I told you Akanbi is no small man Spiritually, just merely discussing him, He almost discovered us. So from henceforth, we won’t mention his name. There was something we used to do back at the SCA which I think we can adopt. I remember when the SCA got Pastor Austin of The LifeChanger’s Assembly. We started out by mentioning his names whenever we were discussing about him but surprising we would see him in our midst with a mighty Angel….”

“ Hold on… Was it the SCA that brought down Pastor Austin..?” Favour asked as that caught her attention.

“ Yes!” Tina replied “After 10 crazy months of chasing him. After we got him, he became the highest SCA donor for one year…”

“ Wait slow down!” Favour said “Are you saying, Spirit filled Pastor Austin was a member of the SCA?” Favour asked not wanting to believe that

“ He was a blind member or blind donor, whichever one will make sense to you! You know the story about him sleeping with most of his church members… Through him, his church became a citadel of fornication. After we got him through his Choir Mistress, his Choir Mistress got the Head Usher and the chain continued!” Tina said

“ Tina, Pastor Austin was one of the men of God that helped my Spiritual growth, and though few years ago we heard he impregnated 15 girls in his church at the same time. He never confessed to it, though there were evidences against him but For me I have been living in denial that he didn’t do any of those things! Did he?” Favour said…

“ Unfortunately, He did it and even worse!” Tina said

Favour sat down hurt and pained that Pastor Austin actually did all he was accused of…

“ Tina, you were trying to tell us What you used on him that relates with Akanbi, what is that?” Chuks cut in interrupting their girl chat.

“ Yes, Like I Said when we were deliberating about the moves to make on him, We realized he was always appearing in our midst eavesdropping on us and truncating our plans…” Tina was saying

“ How is that possible?” Favour asked

“ I believe just the way Akanbi was able to appear here because of his diabolic powers, any time a genuine child of God is being discussed likewise, especially the one as Spiritually strong as Pastor Austin was, the Spirit man is able to catch the signals and they will be able to spy on whatever is happening… To them it would appear to them as short trances, revelations, visions…You know!” Tina said

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“ Oh, I get that!” Favour said nodding her head

“When the SCA discovered Pastor Austin was always spying in on their plans and he always knew the girls we sent to him, we decided to stop mentioning his name, instead we gave him a code.”

“ A code!”

“ Yes, after carrying out an investigation on him, we realized part of his daily prayers was that God should open his spiritual eyes and ears to see and hear the plans of the enemies whereever his name was being mentioned, We called him Target 104!” Tina said

“ Oh! Instead of mentioning his name, you started using a code for him.” Favour said

“ Hmm… that means you are saying we should use a code for Akanbi?” Chuks asked

“ My thoughts!” Tina said

A brief moment of silence followed as Favour and Chuks tried to soak in that information.

“ Well as for me, as nice as it sounds, I don’t think we should use the tactics of the SCA, we should be a step ahead of them….If you use a code in talking about a person, if the person is hyper Spiritually sensitive, his Spirit man will still catch the signals…” Favour said

“ What do you suggest we do then?” Tina asked

“ We should pray!” Favour said

“ Ok?” Tina and Chuks said simultaneously.

“ We have to pray that God Should make Akanbi Damino blind and deaf to our plans. God is the creator of everyone, whether diabolical or not, so he still has authority over everyone including the devil… So what we need to do is to ask God to hide our plans from him. “

“ Hmmm… I never thought about that!” Tina said

“ That’s true!” Chuks agreed

“ Then it is high time we started praying that prayer! because knowing Akanbi for who he is, he would not relent until he finds us out” Tina said “ And if I may suggest, we should make it a general prayer point… because the SCA might get a hint of our plans and disrupt us…”

“ Oh great! That’s thoughtful of you!” Favour said

“ So who leads the prayer?” Chuks asked

“ Favour caught the revelation, she will know how best to lead the prayer!” Tina said

Favour held out her hands to her friends, and forming a circle , Favour said…

“ Let’s us begin to thank God for shielding us from Akanbi Damino, Let’s thank God His Angel was on call to protect us…. Next we pray for Mercy of God in areas we have erred… And now with a voice of war, we pray that the Lord hides our plans and thoughts from the enemies of God in Jesus name…”

Tina, Favour and Chuks prayed aggressively with sweat dropping like blood from their body.

Akanbi Damino rushed into his secret room at his Billion dollar mansion. His secret room housed his Secret Mirror. A mirror he purchased with billions of dollars from the DARK MARKET; a yearly gathering of witches, sorcerers, herbalist, e.t.c far away in an undisclosed place in China.

The Mirror never failed… He used it for his businesses to spy on rivals or potential investors… It was a well trusted gadget…

“ Mirror Mirror, the eyes of the seven witches of this world, It is I, Akanbi Damino, your owner at this time…I desire to know what is being discussed about me all around the world at exactly 30 minutes ago,show me the places, the people and let me hear their discussions…”

Like a CCTV Screen, over 500 clips appeared on the mirror….Akanbi gave a wicked smile as he began to swipe through the clips…

“ If my glasses failed me, my mirror can never fail me… So where the hell are you in particular?” Akanbi said to himself with a satisfied smile.

Then he saw it… He knew that was the clip he was looking for, but there was a problem….

To be continued

“THE LIGHTHOUSE SQUAD!” ( The sequel to Teacher Chuks)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the Living Word.

Akanbi saw a clip that had a white silky curtain covering whatever was behind it. He tapped on the clip, he tried zooming in but he couldn’t see what was behind the curtain…

“ Who is behind this curtain?” Akanbi said very troubled. He knew there was fire on his mountain.

“ I can’t afford to be pulled down by anyone!”

“ Amen!” Favour said “ Let’s Appreciate God for answered prayers!”

“ Please before we do that! I want us to pray to God for the property we need. The property for the Lighthouse Academy. That God will give us a place that will be a boot camp for raising an army of new generation spiritual soldiers.” Tina said

Mr Fred Williams woke up from his afternoon nap. He had a strange dream.

He saw himself on his abandoned property. He was looking around seeing how the land was laying waste.

“ You should give it to people who really need it. It will be counted unto you as righteousness… Your children don’t need it, I will bless them in the foreign land they are, besides you haven’t seen anything yet . What I have in store for their lives is more than what you can imagine. Give this property of yours to the LIGHTHOUSE. They need it!” A man said to him

Fred Williams tried to say something…but the man cut in

“ Fred! Is there anything too big to give to me? By giving this property to the Lighthouse, you are giving it to me, because through lighthouse I will touch a lot of lives. You become one of those that beautify my feet…”

“ Beautify your feet?” Fred asked

“ Come over here!” The man beckoned on Fred…

Fred went over to him and they sat on one of the windows of the Uncompleted building …

“ You remember Mary who poured oil on my feet?”

“ Yes!”

“ What does oil do to an engine?”

“ It makes it work better, it makes its operation smooth!” Fred replied

“ Good! So what does the feet signify?”

“ Taking over territories or dominion!”

“ Good! Can you remember this Scripture “Beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel “

“ Yes Sir!”

“ Hence, when a person supports a preacher’s ministry with gifts or money, the person is oiling the feet of that minister. He is making that minister do the work of God better, the work of taking over territories for Me…”

“ Hmmm… “ Fred said

“Son, Mary oiled my feet and she was the first person to see me after I resurrected… Anyone who oils my feet, anyone who supports the gospel with their resources, anyone who breaks their Alabaster box of expensive oil for evangelism or repairing lives, Fred that person will see me appearing First in their situation. I will ensure the person gets the first blessing at all times… The person’s children will be the first among their peers, the person’s business will be the first .” The man said to the attentive Fred.

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“Fred will You oil my feet by giving the Lighthouse your property? Beautify the feet of them that preach the gospel…Beautify the Lighthouse with your resources; in this case, your property.”

“ Hmm… God, you know I can give you anything you ask of me, but apart from where I live now, this is the only property I have. “ Fred said

“ Give it to me, the widow gave her ALL and to me it was worth more than those who gave some out of the plenty they had… Give me the property!”

Fred had woken up from that dream! He had heard about the Lighthouse from his niece, Rosy. Rosy was a difficult youth he had been praying for after his sister; her mother died.

He was surprised to have seen Rosy three months earlier looking clean and sober. He had asked what happened…

“ Lighthouse!” She had replied

“Lighthouse? What’s that? A church?” Fred had asked

“ No! A Ministry…More like a group of people who live in a house headed by Some passionate children of God.. More like a shelter!” Rosy had said

“ Ok!”

“ A friend invited me over to one of their programs and I got stuck. I have been living there for two months..!”

“ Two months and you are like this!”

“ Yes! I just wish they had more supporters!”

“ Supporters?”

“ Yeah! they have this big vision, part of which is having an academy where the kids at the shelter can attend. You know like a real school and I can tell you Uncle, the result will be massive.. It will be an orientation center for future evangelist and reformers.” Rosy had said.

Rosy had said that to him three months ago, After which he started following their social media page to see their works…

But could he let go of the only property he had for the Lighthouse?

To be continued

“THE LIGHTHOUSE SQUAD!” ( The sequel to Teacher Chuks)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the Living Word.

Fred immediately reached out to Rosy via a phone call…

“ Hello Rosy!”

“ Hello Uncle! Good Afternoon Sir! How are you doing?” Rosy replied

“ Fine!” He said with a croaky voice

“ Are you Fine? Your voice sounds croaky!”

“ Just woke up, had a nap..!”

“ Oh!”

“ Rosy, I want to ask… the Lighthouse… have they gotten the property they need for the school?” Fred asked as he wanted to be sure if they won’t be having excess.


“ Not yet! It is still a prayer point!”Rosy said laughing

“ Ok.. then I guess they don’t have to pray over it anymore. The Lord said I should give them my property at Okijo.”

“ What?” Rosy replied in shock

“ Yes!”

“ Jesus! God you are so faithful…!” At that Rosy began to scream and with the phone still on her ears she ran towards Favour’s office…

Without knocking in excitement, she barged into the office. By this time, the trio had ended the prayers and were discussing other matters.

“ Miss Favour, I have great news!” Rosy said panting

“Ok!” Favour said as the trio looked at her surprisingly

“ My Uncle has a property he wants to sow into the Lighthouse for the Academy!” Rosy said in a rush

There was a brief moment of silence as the trio wanted to take in the news

“ What?”
“ Really!”
“ Are you serious?” The trio said simultaneously…

Rosy nodded hysterically saying

“ I told him casually how we wanted to build primary schools and secondary schools. I never thought it registered with him. He is giving us the land and the property on it free of charge. It is a big property, Miss Favour…He is on the phone! Will you speak with him?”

Favour was in shock and suddenly went mute. She wondered if it was possible for God to have answered them speedily. She was hoping, it would take about 5 years to raise the fund to buy a property, but here was Rosy saying her uncle wanted to give them a land and whatever property was on it.

“ Can I speak with him?” Chuks said quickly as he saw Favour was in shock at the news. Ever since he returned to the lighthouse, he gave Favour the respect she was due. She was now the Head of the Lighthouse, so he made sure he didn’t cross the line. However, at that point he knew he needed to step in.

Rosy handed the phone over to Chuks after getting a silent approval from Favour.

“ Good Afternoon Sir!” Chuks said

“ Good Afternoon!”

“ Rosy said…”Chuks was saying but Fred cut in

“ Yes, she is right and please you don’t need to thank me, I am doing this for God! I trust Him to do great things for me in return!!” Fred Williams said

“ And He will, Sir! No one gives unto the Lord and goes bankrupt. He is a good partner in business. By trading with Him with this property of yours, be sure of profits, and returns on investment. This is Kingdom investment that doesn’t fail.” Chuks said confidently.

“ I know! Thank you so much! When can we see, so I can do the proper handing over?”

“ Anytime that is convenient for you!”

“ Tomorrow?”

“ Fine Sir!”

“ Alright, I will be coming with my lawyer!”

“ Perfect! Our lawyer will also be around!”

Chuks dropped the call and together with the others, they screamed and jumped around in the room in joy like teenagers..

“ Who did this?” Chuks screamed

“ Jesus!” Rosy, Favour and Tina chorused…

Their noise drew the attention of the other housemates and they rushed towards the room …

The news spread like wildfire…

Followed was one hour of praise in appreciation of what God had done and was going to do with the Lighthouse Academy.

Later that evening, Favour made a call. She reached out to Mercy and Kenneth telling them the Goodnews… Mercy couldn’t stop her tears…

“ We will be there tomorrow Mum… We can not miss tomorrow for anything..I can’t believe How good God has been to You and Uncle Chuks! I see greatness ahead, I see even a university in the making!”

“ Amen Prophetess Mercy!”

Favour couldn’t help but shed a few tears…

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“A penny for your thoughts” Favour said to Chuks

Chuks turned to his friend, Favour…

“ Thank you!” Chuks said with misty eyes.

Favour was a bit taken aback at his red puffy eyes…

“ Are you Okay?” Favour asked in a whisper

“ Yes! I am fine… Just thinking about my journey and how you have been a huge part of it.. Though I have my regrets … I wish I didn’t have the potholes that has caused damage to my bodily vehicle“

“ No matter how damaged a car is, it can be revamped!”

“ I have had too many chances and Sometimes I wonder why!”

“ God never loses hope!”

“ Yeah, and you also didn’t lose hope in me, thank you for being that Jonathan kind of friend to me.!”

“ You are always welcomed… So why don’t you come out of this mood and let’s plan towards LIGHTHOUSE ACADEMY.. We need to start discussing registration with the Academic body!”

“ Yes! and other things!” Chuks said smiling… He wished he had not messed up earlier, Favour would have been the best wife for him…

“ Give, or lease?” Lawyer Akinbo said in shock over the phone…

“ Outright giving!” Fred confirmed again to the shocked Lawyer

“ Why?”

“ The Lord said I should give it out to the ministry!”

“ The Lord? Did the Lord know that you are Owing about 10 million Naira , Which if you sold the Land, you could get the 10 million to settle your debt and have surplus left; from it you can give the ministry something and keep the change!”

“ The 10 million debt has nothing to do with my property, it is a debt incurred from a business deal gone bad… and I have told you I will pay it back from the profit from another business, not using my property!”

“I know, I am just saying giving when you are in debt doesn’t make sense, and besides you know who you are owing this money? You are owing Akanbi Damino, the tyrant…”

“ I never wanted to go into that business, you literally pushed me into it, the HolySpirit kept warning me against it, but I listened to you instead. Now I am indebted to one of the most difficult businessman in Nigeria!”

“ This is no time to push blames , but to do the right thing. As your lawyer, I will advise you think well about your situation… It doesn’t make sense to give to “ the Lord” when you don’t have enough, or surplus and even worse when you are in debt or what do you think?” Lawyer Akinbo said hoping his client and long time friend would buy himself some wisdom at that point.

To be continued

“THE LIGHTHOUSE SQUAD!” ( The sequel to Teacher Chuks)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the Living Word.

Favour couldn’t sleep through out the night. The joy of what the morning held for the Lighthouse couldn’t make her bow to the pleasure of sleep.

“ Is this how God works?” Favour kept asking herself over and again…

Tina likewise couldn’t sleep but what was running through her mind was different. She was thinking of the position that she will hold in the school, once the property is given to them.

“ Favour will definitely be Principal, while Chuks will be Vice Principal or the other way round… What about me? What ?” Tina thought on her bed

“ Why these thoughts?” Tina chastised herself as she could smell jealousy.

“Tina, come off this, you are worrying yourself over a property that is not yet yours. Rather than giving the devil a listening ear, why don’t you use that time to pray that the Lord perfects the vow the man has made to God.” Tina said to herself

“Do I have to pray that A man who made a vow should fulfil the vow? It is his vow… ?”

“ Yes, you have to pray..It’s not enough that someone promises you something, you have to pray that the person will not be manipulated against you.” The still silent voice said to her…

” Hmmm…I will pray about it tomorrow. I am so tired!” Tina resolved in her heart and she turned off her room light.

Chuks saw a man stretching a parcel towards him, but suddenly a group of people who disguised as friends discouraged him from giving the parcel to him. One of those friends had a knife in his hand unknown to the man with the parcel… Chuks woke up from the dream but the pills he had at night was making him drowsy. He went back to sleep.

Favour on the other hand, decided to watch a movie. Her excitement had taken sleep from her. She had two options; it was either to pray or watch a movie in other to kill time. She choose the later option watching 5 episodes of a popular series she had always heard about…

“I don’t need to pray tonight, God has answered our prayers already.” She told herself.

Fred’s phone was ringing at 2am. He knew it was only his wife that could call him at that odd time. She was far away in New Jersey with the children…

” Hello Bolaji” Fred said

” Fred, please what is wrong with you? Why are you doing this to me?” Bolaji said weeping over the phone

” Bolaji! What is wrong? What have I done?” Fred said confused as he wiped the sleep off his face

“Akinbo told me you want to gift our property to a ministry!” Bolaji said

Fred couldn’t say a word in reply.He wanted to gift it out before telling Bolaji because He knew she was very tight fisted when it came to giving.

” God is in need of it!” Fred replied

” Really? Fred..I slave myself here in the cold to take care of the children and I, since nothing has been coming from you in the past two years. I even send you money. Now the only property I was hoping that upon completion will start fetching us money, Is what you want to throw away.”

” Bolaji, you only started paying the bills, two years ago and you know it’s because business went bad. Bolaji, God is asking me to give him this property, who knows this might be my Jesus christ ; my sacrifice that will make me gain all that I have lost. Bolaji, Even God had to lose His only son to gain the World. Let us give this to God, who knows He might give us a Global blessing…”

” Fred! Listen… I am not God, so I will not allow you make us lose the only sure thing we have and I swear if you do this behind my back, I will assume I have nothing left in Nigeria..NOTHING, and that nothing includes you…!” Bolaji said

To be continued

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My Passion for The Gospel bought about this great Platform.. I love to share the Good News. That's my PASSION. I don't believe the Gospel should be boring. Nobelie is so exclusive. You won't find what we offer any where else. You ask a friend.

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