There Was A Time They Wanted To Upgrade My Phone To Iphone 13, I Refused – Pastor Paul Enenche Reveals Why

At First Service at the Dunamis International Gospel Center, Pastor Paul Enenche, the founder and senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Ministries, preached on “Financial Wisdom From Financial Struggle To Financial Stardom.” He discussed the iPhone 13 and the reasons why he is currently unable to use it during his sermon.

He suggested that you cut back on your spending and up your investment. Avoid leading a wasteful, prodigal life. Money is not intended for consumption; rather, it is intended for investment. The biggest issue for many people is their perspective about money. He claimed that the typical African perspective is one of “what can I buy once the money arrives”?

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Further, he claimed that many people wouldn’t be where they are today if they had handled the money that had come into their possession wisely. If you handled it well, let me also purchase a brand-new Range Rover and a brand-new phone, he said. “If not, that you say, somebody wants to compete with somebody.” 

Then he claimed that they wanted to upgrade his phone to the newest iPhone 13, which costs one million Naira, but he rejected and questioned why. Can I reach Heaven directly if I call? What are you referring to? He claimed that switching phones would be a distraction for him because he is accustomed to his current phone.

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He claims that some people will claim to need a new phone, that one has just arrived, and that more will keep coming, and that they will describe the attributes you require. They won’t disclose how much money they are generating from it, and someone with nothing will brag about having the newest phone. 

Genesis 41:34–36 describe Joseph providing for Israel in this way. What you have now is designed to take care of future. You won’t be stranded tomorrow if you handle today’s situation well.

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