“This is November And God Has Not Told Me Yet if There is Going to be an Election in Nigeria” – Pastor E.A Adeboye Reveals

Things seem to be getting funnier and funnier and if you don’t learn to laugh in Nigeria now you will develop hypertension. Whatever we’ve done wrong, particularly we Christians that we haven’t prayed enough. (2 Chronicles 7:14).3. 

We ask Him for mercy because you know what’s going on in our country, it doesn’t even make sense anymore. Our Naira now is not even worth the paper it is printed on. 

While people are hungry, trying to find enough money to buy bread to eat our bosses are thinking of making the Naira more beautiful that is, even if it can’t buy bread, at least it will look beautiful.

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We give Him a thanksgiving offering and we go. 

You do that for 6 days; then on the 7th day which is December the 2nd, we will gather here. By then we will have gone round the wall of Jericho 6 times. On the 7th day, we will gather. When we gather, we will start at 7 because some of us will come from far. At 7 (pm) on the dot, we will begin to praise Him. 

On that day, we could sing and dance in anticipation of answers to our prayers. After that we will have one solid hour of individual praise that will be followed by one solid hour of asking Him to forgive us. Then there will be one hour of us crying to Him for mercy. After that, we leave the rest to Him. 

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God must be merciful unto us. We will have to hold on to Him and say, ‘Please help.’ Do you know that up till now, and this is November, Daddy hasn’t told me YET that there’s going to be an election next year. 

We continue of course as if there’s going to be; I am saying that, Adeboye, I am not talking of other people, God has not told me YET. 

He may tell me tomorrow, I don’t know; but as of this moment that I am sitting before you, He hasn’t told me YET whether or not there will be an election next year. 

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Of course as usual, anybody who comes to me and he says, “pray for me,” I will pray for them. That’s my duty but it is up to God to answer. 

I am not trying to frighten you; I am not telling you that I know something secret that you don’t know; I am not a prophet I am just a pastor; but I am your Pastor. We need to pray. So I expect to see all of you on Friday the 2nd of December; come ready to pray. 

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