Why People Do Not Like Paying Tithe During Festive Period – Pastor David Ibiyeomie

Pastor David Ibiyeomie, spoke at SMHOS 1st Service. He talked about “Anointing for Divine Protection” he advised them to be a covenant practitioner. He said that the first thing tithing does is to rebuke devourers for your sake, not even money. The devourer is the Devil. He advised them to be very careful this Festive Season and after Festive Season. He said that people don’t like paying tithe this period because they claim that they have a lot of expenses. They say “I have this and that to buy, I have to travel with that.” He urged them to remove their tithe first.

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“That we are saying protection, it’s not just the oil, there are things it must meet as conditions,” he said. Don’t say you did deliverance and went for protection service how come things are like this. This condition must be met, so do not think God is a magician. He said that in this period in particular most people compromise in their tithing because they remembered the hair they will buy, the man will remember the car he will buy and the travelling he will go with the family, he will start negotiating and cutting here and there. “Everybody is to pay tithe,” he said.

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He revealed that he was talking with a believer in the church who told him of a Lady who was very rich. Things went sour for the lady because she was not paying her tithe. They stole the whole of her money and the man of God revealed that she stole from God, so people had to steal from her.

Finally, he said that when you pay your tithe, you should also learn to give to the poor. That is why we have small home cells in the church. If you see someone who has not eaten, take small rice and give them. Don’t wait till the person says I don’t have food, you have seen the person, just go ahead and give the person food. He said that even if they want to kill you, God will not allow it. This period and beyond, please after your tithe considers the poor, the little God has blessed you with do not eat it alone.

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Source: Church Gist.

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