Why You Need to be Careful When Treating Everyone Right – Pastor Poju Oyemade Reveals

Senior Pastor and Founder of The Covenant Nation (TCN) Pastor Poju Oyemade has urged believers to be careful when treating everyone right.

Pastor Poju is a highly regarded teacher of the Word of Faith, who draws out insightful lessons from God’s word that are applicable to the complexities of everyday life, family, business, and nation building

Pastor Poju Oyemade’s call to ministry dates back to his time as an undergraduate at the University of Lagos and was ordained into ministry by Bishop David Oyedepo, the presiding bishop of Living Faith Ministries Worldwide (a.k.a Winner’s Chapel).

He wrote on Twitter,

“Treat everyone right but never cast your pearls before a swine nor give holy things to dogs, scripture says. Reason is, after you have given your best, they with a sense of ingratitude will trample upon it, only to realise the value when they’ve lost it like the prodigal son did.”

See his twitter post

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