“Your Faith Is Fake When It Is Void Of This” —Bishop David Oyedepo Reveals

Faith is exercised when an individual has a particular trust and belief in a certain fact. The Bible in Hebrew 11:1 clearly defines faith as the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen. According to Bishop David Oyedepo of the Living Faith Church, in one of his sermons, as shared by Church Gist, faith is a living force drawn from the living word to produce living proofs.

According to the cleric, when it comes to achieving anything in life, there are particular prices to be paid, which are in the forms of dedication, decisions and commitments. All these can not be achieved without faith. But, such a faith must be one, done as a result of obedience to the directions and instructions of God.

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As shared by Church Gist, Bishop David Oyedepo reiterated the fact that nothing is free in life—everything of value carried a cost, attached to it. That is why it is valuable and worthy of being pursued to be achieved by men. Everyone at the top of greatness in life has to make their way there. There are several means through which human beings do climb the ladder of greatness but, those achieved through obedience is the real faith and advantageous achievements in life.

Faith is the master facilitator of the power of God. Without faith, no one can see the power of God. A lot of miracles and divine help were experienced by the believers of old through faith. The red sea and river Jordan were parted for rhe Israelites to pass; the widow of Zarepath through faith released the remaining good that she would eat with her child and die, for Elijah. She obeyed and her obedience pays. She had abundance and death was suspended over her family.

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The cleric continued that, no one is entitled to see God’s power at work in his/her life without faith. Through faith, obedience is impacted for success. Once your faith is solidified in the Lord, it would be very easy to over every word that He instructs you to do.

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