Apostle Johnson Suleman Reveals Why Some People Do Not Have Any Influential Voice In Life

Apostle Johnson Suleman founder and presiding cleric of the Auchi-based Omega Fire Ministry has taken to his verified Facebook page to share a video of a message about the social relations of those that are underprivileged in society. 

In his words, the cleric has stressed that poor people do not always have any opinion when it comes to making one in society; they always go by whatsoever the rich says. It is when you are financially buoyant that you can boast of your personal opinion and people would accept it.

Apostle Johnson Suleman
Apostle Johnson Suleman

According to the cleric, he stressed that the reason why some people do not have any influential voice is that they are poor. It has always been the norm in society that only the rich can successfully influence decisions. The poor do not always have control over their personal opinions. Even if they have any, they would have to suppress it and go with anyone made by an influential or rich person.

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As shared by the cleric, some people are relegated to a redundant position in their families because of their poverty. It is not u til they can break free from the bondage of poverty that they would amount to anything in society.

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