Apostle Johnson Suleman Reveals Why The more A Believer Is closer to God the more He chastises and rebukes Them – see what he said

Apostle Johnson Suleman founder and presiding cleric of Omega Fire ministry have taken to his verified Facebook page to share the video of a message he delivered on one significant criterion that believers need to know about the anointing of God and how He expects believers to follow Him. 

He has revealed one fact that believers must understand about the ways of God and How He deals with those He has chosen As His own.

The cleric has shared in his words what believers must know if they ever aspire to be filled with the anointing that, God’s standards are high. He will never lower his standard to meet your ability— you are the one to understand them and abide by them. 

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According to the cleric, God will never compromise His standards to suit your interests. He will never lower His standards to meet you, you are the one to move up to meet His standards. The cleric has also stressed the nature of the standards of God that, however high the standards are, they are not hard. 

But, the standard is hard in the sense that, any day you fail to fulfil them, you could be disqualified. No matter how far you have been faithfully fulfilling His will and meeting His set standards, any day you miss it, you could be disqualified. 

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According to the cleric, another believer could sin and God might be silent about it but if you do, He would punish you severely for it. The reason why God sets His standards so high for His children is that He loves them and would not want them to walk in error.

The more you are closer to God faithfully, the more He chastises and rebukes you. He expects and wants you to be perfect as He is. The only way to meet the standards of God is by His grace. Without the grace of God, it would be impossible to meet His standards and fulfil His will.

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