Are You The Type That Would Challenge God For Delaying Your Prayer? – Evang. Mike Bamiloye Reveals Prayer A Believer Should Pray When Faced With Delay

He noted that if you are the type who cannot withstand a little delay from God, then you do not know your God. If you are the type who would challenge God and question God for not answering your prayers at the time the answers are needed, you do not know your God.

Speaking further, he emphasized that God will not trust a man with His treasures when such person has not been refined. Therefore, delay is God’s way of checking man’s love for Him. He therefore released a prayer recitation that Christians should say whenever they are experiencing a delay to their prayers. This is because the challenges of life requires total endurance to overcome.

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Mike Bamiloye: “May I never be disappointed when God decides to have His way in my life. May I never lose my faith when He decides to delay an answer to my prayers. May I always trust that the Lord is in charge of my life”.

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