Bishop David Abioye Gives Opinion On What A Man Should Do If His Wife Earns More Than Him

Pastor David Abioye, Vice President of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, detailed what to do if the wife earns more money than the husband in a YouTube video posted just hours ago. 

According to the video, the man of God stated that there is no distinction between men and women and that they have the same redeeming heritage. 

“By redemption, there is no distinction between man and female,” he stated. By redemption, we all have the same ancestors. The spouse’s supportive role must be explicit and obvious. The issue of superiority and inferiority is a big one; no guy should think he is better than his wife. What makes a guy proud is his ability to provide for his family.”

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“A man who cannot provide for his family is unworthy of being in ministry, regardless of what his wife earns.” I advise guys to be more than just husbands; they should also be fathers and brothers to their spouses. No one should legitimize marriage, but people should be able to relate in marriage.” 

“Marriage is all about embracing the leader that God has chosen for you. It’s about recognizing what each individual should accomplish and accepting obligations without bias or conflict,” he explained.

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