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Church Growth: There’s No Country That Has The Likes Of RCCG, Living Faith, Christ Embassy, Deeper Life And Mfm Together – Pastor David Ibiyeomie

Church Growth: There’s No Country That Has The Likes Of RCCG, Living Faith, Christ Embassy, Deeper Life And Mfm Together – Pastor David Ibiyeomie







  • Pastor David Ibiyeomie at the Church Growth Conference, No Land is Difficult| The Master’s Place International Church| Morning Session| Day 2

I have never exhausted my time all the times I have been asked to speak at Canaanland. It is discipline. When they say Church Growth, Business Growth, respect time. Whoever does not respect your time, does not value you. Anybody who jokes with your time, jokes with your life. That is why people who don’t respect time joke with the destinies of the people around them. Mike Murdock said something in one of his books: “Anyone who does not respect your time, does not respect your assignment”. Church Gist. If you respect someone’s assignment, you will respect the time he has for it. Whenever I am with Bishop Oyedepo I allow him to dictate the time he wants to spend. I don’t keep him; I make sure he dictates the minutes he wants to spend. You know we have VIPs, VDPs and VNPs. VIP – Very important people. VDP – Very Draining People. VNP – Very Needy People. VDPs when they meet you and leave you, you are drained. VNPs whenever they come around you “I need this, I need this”. Remain around the VIPs.

Finally, to remain at the top, keep improving. I will use Apple. Apple started from 1,2,3,4,5,6 now they have 13 Pro Max. They may come up with 14. Even Churches must keep improving. It is time to task your brain to be creative and innovative. Keep improving. Everything you do, keep improving. I used to spend so much time on the altar and one young man came to me and said Sir you are spending so much time. I didn’t say who are you small boy to correct me. I said this is a man who has the courage to correct me so he is correct. Church Gist. This boy is a boy who cleans my shoes and I pay him. He said Sir, after the message you talk too much again. I didn’t get angry. I said for him to have the courage to tell me many people don’t like it. Some people are tired. After a message, you are preaching another message again to explain the message.

You have heard too many things about casting out demons. This one is not about casting demons. Be very creative and innovative. I have 27 minutes left and I am done. If they invite me next time won’t you come? People think Church Growth is fire fire fire. There is nowhere you keep me that Church will not grow. Even if I come to Warri here, I will worry them to grow.

  • You will succeed in the name of Jesus.
  • Businessmen and women will succeed. Career men and women will succeed.

Hear this, great meetings don’t make great people. It is great decisions backed up with action. I went to South Korea in 2010, for a Church Growth Conference. That was the only time I have ever been to Seoul, South Korea. I met some people from my city that said we have been coming to this conference for years. I looked at them and asked one pastor and he said he has been coming every two years for the past ten years. I was asking him because I didn’t see a reflection in his life. Only one year I attended, it showed in the Church. When I came back, I changed so many things in the Church by observation. Then that was the headquarters of Church Growth before Nigeria took over. Church Gist. Nigeria is the headquarters of Church Growth. Tell me which Church is like Redeemed, which Church is like Living Faith, which church is like Christ Embassy in America. Deeper Life, Mountain of Fire, there is no Church like that in the whole of America. Church Growth is in Nigeria. There is no Church like the Nigerian Church. Church Growth is in Nigeria. Except God sent you, don’t leave here oh. Don’t say things are hard in Warri, I want to go the Yankee way. If God sent you it will show. I told somebody God did not send you to the country you went to. He takes people upwards not downwards. For you to go to a foreign country and be broke, you went on your own. He said when I sent you, not when you sent yourself. Please find out what it takes from this book. It is not in a location. You can’t take an alligator from Nigeria to America and it becomes a crocodile, Archbishop Benson Idahosa said. It will still be an alligator. If you can’t succeed in Nigeria, you can’t succeed anywhere else. Nigeria has too many problems so the Church should be big, people should just gather.

  • You will not fail in Jesus’ name.
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When I go to a conference I don’t just copy notes. At the back of my note, I write actions. The note alone you will forget. So I note decisions and actions. Even when I go for Shiloh that is what I do. The notes alone don’t change you. The notes are for your information; it is decisions that will transform you. I will never attend a conference where something will not change in my life. Even if I am going to speak, I must also learn something from what I am speaking.

I hear God like a man hears his friend. Hear me, no pastor can ever break ground at any length without kingdom prosperity. He said if you have told them all, tell them your secret. Kingdom prosperity is not a function of what people give to you. It is a function of what you give. I don’t know why God said I should drop that word. What people give to you can never make you in ministry. It is what you give, it is what you give that makes you. It is what you give that makes people give to you. It is when you are a giver then people will begin to give to you. No matter what anybody gives to you, it can’t make you in ministry. In case you are not a giver, you must break it. If you are not a giver, you will depend on the members. If a Pastor is not a giver, you will keep begging members to give to you. You are called to nobility not to be sustained by them. When they give you because of your giving, they will not say I helped my Pastor. They will say as I sowed into my Pastor, my heaven opened. Every non-giving pastor forget it, hardship can’t leave you. So ask for the giving grace first before the receiving grace. If you see any prosperous man of God, he is a giver. If you see any struggling man of God, he is not a giver. It is not because you are in the village. There are witch doctors in the village, and people go all the way from cities to patronize them. How can you who carry God not be patronized? The big problem is many ministers are not givers. They want people to give to them. Nothing in this world can make me go and meet Oyedepo and say I need assistance. I have passed that level now. I know what to do to provoke to move the hand of God. I would rather sow to him to pray for me so my heavens can be opened. Don’t have that mentality that big ministries should help small ministries. If you enter the ministry of begging, you have killed your ministry. That was what killed many top people’s ministries in Nigeria before. They were depending on American Churches. My wife is a witness. I have given an American preacher, a top man $100,000 of my personal money. He said they could not pay their rent. I said I won’t be alive then you can’t pay the rent of the Church. I gave him $100,000 from my money, not Church money. He used two hands to shake me. If my mentality is that he will give to me, I would have still been poor till today. Be free handed. Can I ever tell you one truth? never meet an anointed man empty-handed. He does not need your money but it is a way to tap into what he carries. Giving paved the way for all the men that you see. Adeboye is a high giver, Oyedepo is a high giver, Oyakhilome is a high giver, I am a high giver, Kenneth Copeland is a high giver, Kenneth Hagin of blessed memory is a high giver. Who do you want to resemble? I hope you know Kumuyi gives freely. When you hear the stories of these men, you will be shocked. God can’t lift you from being stingy.

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I am a man with multiple grace. If grace had plural, I would have said graces. If you see me, you can see a replication of Oyedepo. I carry everything Oyedepo carries. I have never schemed to meet the men of God I want to mention in my life. Divinely orchestrated by God. I want to share this testimony to provoke you so that anything you want; you can get from this vessel. Myles Munroe came to our church after preaching, I was in his hotel room and I knelt down for almost an hour. He pulled his suit and dropped it on me and he said, “David, I’ve been preaching since a young man. I’ve never done this. Church Gist. He was talking, from the time I started preaching till now, he was still talking. He was just speaking in tongues. I didn’t know he wanted to go. He kept talking and talking and I was on my knees. Then, he removed the suit; we all know how the eagle left. From that moment, I began to talk to government top officials; it was not in my ministry before. I began to meet government politicians after that. That is the ministry of Myles Munroe.

Pastor K.K. knows how Mike Murdock loves me, he has come here before; Mike Murdock will not preach in any church without mentioning my name. Somehow, my name will come in inside his statement. I slept on his bed for three days, openly he has told people I am in his will. Church Gist. I learnt how to write from Mike Murdock, he told me the secret of writing. He is an embodiment of wisdom.

Billy Graham, his family have slept in our house. Billy Graham himself, I had contact with him in a mysterious circumstance, I cannot explain on this altar. When he died, 45 minutes after he passed on, they sent the letter to me. We are the only Nigerians invited from Nigeria, I don’t mean Nigerians did not go there but we sat two, three seats after Donald Trump. We are the only people from Nigeria that went to that funeral, invited directly by the family. When Billy Graham passed on, I said whatever makes Billy Graham, Billy Graham, I want it. I panted in my heart, I said I desire this Billy Graham’s grace and while they were taking us around, I said, “God, whatever makes Billy Graham, I go for crusades but I need this Billy Graham’s kind of grace.” The man will just say, “For God so love the world…” People will be rushing out for altar calls. Church Gist. As we were about to go, the man pulled me by the hand, he said, “David, only you enter this room. This room had never been opened, this is the last room Billy Graham used, nobody has entered since he passed on.” He took me to the room and I said, “God, this is all I came for” I knelt down and I said, “God, whatever makes Billy Graham, Billy Graham, do it in my life. I came back to church. I did not preach anything. I can’t remember what I preached but I said come out to give your life to Christ and ordained workers came out for altar call. When I go for crusades watch how people rush out like water. That is the grace of Billy Graham. I love the man in healing. I love him so much till tomorrow, the first man to make me love Christianity was Benny Hinn. I was not born again, I was buying tapes and I said, I love the way this man does things with simplicity and if you see me with healing, you will know this is Benny Hinn. This is not me. I will not tell you about my encounter with him. I can go on and on.

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I ate from the same plate with Reinhard Bonnke, I did something and Reinhard Bonnke said wanted to see me. Who are you, this young man? I have been to Port Harcourt, I said I was not even anywhere when you came. He said God bless you. He took his personal car to come and carry me, we ate from the same plate. When he passed on, immediately they used his personal phone to reach me. Church Gist. When he came the last time, he kept three seats. He said, keep three seats for David, his wife and their son. They kept three seats for us. Everybody knows us, his children know us. We went to his room, two of us with the wife and him.

I am a man with too many graces. I learnt stewardship from Bishop Abioye, the man number two to Oyedepo, that is the Vice President. So, which of them do you want? You can not meet Reinhard Bonnke again. You can’t meet Myles Munroe again, you can’t meet Billy Graham again but you can meet this man. Church Gist. So when you see me succeed, there are some people I can’t call that I have met, that even you sometimes have met them. I carry grace. Just imagine you carry this one plus your own, will you struggle? Don’t you see that Pastor KK is not struggling? Ministry is not how you sweat, many of you are sweating too much.

What do you want?
The Bible says covet earnest good gifts, so gifts are covetable. Tell God what you want and God will give you to the level you demand.

Blessed be God forever in Jesus Mighty name.

Hear me, that I say I met these men, I have only one father, it is only Oyedepo I follow but I met them one way or the other. Don’t follow too many people, it will confuse you. Draw inspiration from many but have somebody you follow. I don’t have two fathers. If I meet anyone, they know Oyedepo is my father. Church Gist. Don’t have too many fathers, you can draw inspiration from people but don’t go here and there; you can’t be Navy, Air force and Army at the same time. They are all working towards one direction, but have what you identify with.

  • In the name of Jesus, all over the world, as I am about to drop this microphone, whatever you desire that will make you gain speed, receive this hour in the name of Jesus!
  • In life, business and ministry, the days of crawling I command them to come to an end!
  • Gain speed in the name of Jesus!
  • Churches will grow, businesses will grow, life will grow, careers will grow, even students’ academics will grow in the name of Jesus!
  • With so much simplicity, after this meeting, you will get results without sweat. Areas you are sweating, in the name of Jesus, you sweat no more!
  • As you are leaving now, you see sweatless, effortless success in the name of Jesus!
  • Grace to accept responsibility, to put what you have heard into practice, receive this hour in Jesus Mighty name.


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