How A Man Ignorantly Accepted To Marry A Dead Woman, And The Mysterious Things That Later Happened – Apostle Johnson Suleman Reveals

According to the cleric, there was a family that had a particular curse associated with them. Whenever they get married, the wife dies. It has been on and on without a solution in the family. A lot of souls have died off, of the wives and the males in the particular family.

According to the cleric, the most surprising fact about the family was that all the men that were from the family whose wives have been dying were pastors. About five of them were men of God, and also, one among them was an associate of a very renowned man of God.

The situation had plagued this family for years not till they started to pray. As shared by the cleric, it was during prayer that the secret to their problem was revealed. Their father, when he wanted to get married to his first wife lost her to death, while they prepared for the wedding. The wife he was supposed to get married to died. Instead of a wedding, he buried his supposed wife.

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But, a very strange thing happened as they were burying the woman, the family of the deceased told him that in their tribe whoever would get married to their female children but for this type of misfortune to happen, they must be joined in marriage. Ignorantly, the man accepted their decision and he was married to the dead.

He later got married and his wife gave birth to a child, the curse started to manifest in the life of the child and all his offspring. The curse has plagued them for a very long time before the secret was revealed after they have prayed excessively.

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The father had been bound in covenant with the dead hence, the curse associated with it was transferred to his generations.

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