How A Politician’s Wife Told Me God Had Approved Me To Be Sleeping With Her – Apostle Arome Osayi Tells Shocking Story

Apostle Arome Osayi, the senior pastor of Remnant Christian Network, claimed that a politician’s wife told him that God had approved of him sleeping with her in a sermon he gave to his church congregation in a video posted on YouTube a few hours ago.

In the Video, Apostle Arome stated that he was taken aback when, during the month of January prayer and fasting, he received a text from the wife of a politician indicating that God had revealed to her that he was approved to be sleeping with her. He related that he had met the woman on an outing where some politicians had expressed interest in him.

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According to the cleric, the politician’s wife referenced him during the outing and stated that he was the most anointed man of God in the entire globe. The preacher claimed the politician’s wife was the most attractive woman he had recently seen. He added that the politician’s wife’s beauty definitely drew his attention.

One of Apostle Arome’s greatest ambitions, he stated, was to be a sexually pure man. He was deliberate in his prayers because he wanted his wife to be the only woman he ever had sexual intercourse with. 

He claimed that the voice he heard was “it is the same thing,” which states that the sexual satisfaction he would get with another woman is the same as his wife’s, and that was his source of deliverance.

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He continued by saying that the phrase “it is the same thing” kept him from succumbing to temptation since he gave the phrase some thought and realized what it meant.

Every believer, he advised, should set aside time to dwell on the word of God when it arrives, until the message becomes a reality.

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