Insecurity In Nigeria: Bishop David Oyedepo Advises Church Members To Put ‘I Am A Winner’ Sticker On Their Door – Check Out His Reason

According to Bishop David Oyedepo While Preaching, he said that since these wicked devils showed up in Nigeria, not once have they succeeded to do havoc in their Church. Not once! There is no madness that does not recognize fire. This is not by mouth, this is Jesus in the midst of His people. They saw a banner and they said this is fire. “Till Jesus returns, no demonic gunmen will enter our Church. If they don’t die at entry I am not sent by God,” he said. Under this covering, as ordained by God, come to Church and relax let me see that devil who will dare your coming in or going out.

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According to him, look up, the lion is here. He will tear you to pieces. I am sent by God to rescue people from all kinds of oppressions. He then advised them to place this ‘I am a Winner’ sticker on your door, let it be the one that carries his picture because God sent him. They know, the ones who sent them, they know. He said that he has never seen any madness that does not recognise fire, that is why they don’t push mad people away from fire. When he gets there, he knows this is fire. Fire by every mortal man, mad or sane is recognized.

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