Man Advises Men To Get Married Early, Narrates how It Saved Him From Fornication – A Must Read!

A man has narrated how getting married early saved his life from fornication. The young man, SAFIYANU DM, said he got married at the age of 25 to his wife, Khadija, who was 18 years old at the time.

Narrating his experience, he said:

In late 2018, I met with the girl who would later become my wife and the mother of my 1 year-eight month child– Muhammad– at a school in Gombe where I did my Teaching Practice (TP) as a student of Political Science (Edu).

Khadija is my wife’s name. She’s pretty and very brilliant. Her brilliance (plus other fundamental attributes for a wife material) got me attracted to her. She’s the person who saved my life from falling into the trap of my creator through Zina (fornication).

I got married in 2019 @ 25 to a girl that was 18. I was in my 3rd yr in university when I became someone’s in-law. It was very difficult though, but I found that the bold decision I took to get wife and save myself from Zina was among the best decisions I took in my life.

Whoever passed through university or is familiar with these environments can testify to the fact that Zina has now become a passion. People do it with pride and without shame. If you live in these environments, temptation is what you would often be confronted with.

I tried to compel myself to resist all sorts of temptations from female mates in my class to those we relate in the larger environment, especially those female comrades whom we used to mingle around at the times of campus unionism. My commitment and prayers made it possible.

Whoever attended Federal University of Kashere (Gombe) between 2016 and 2020, supposedly know me. My name (SAFIYANU DM) was a household name within the campus. But through out the years I spent there until my wedding, no one– including my friends– would point at my girl friend.

I tried to maintain some distance with females not because I feared them or didn’t want to relate closely with them, but because I knew how temptation could influence one’s sexual urge nd land him into trouble. I didn’t want to strip b4 a girl I didn’t pay for her dowry.

When I first brought to my family the proposal for my marriage, many could not believe me. They thought I was joking. I did all I call to make them understand how serious I was about it. But they couldn’t.

My mother whom we used to be on the same page on most of my proposals, took time to listen to me and understand the point I was coming from and the destination I was heading to.

She was the first to openly declared her support for what I proposed. My father would later follow. And then other family members. Though some where questioning my financial capability to run a household even though my age too wasn’t left unquestioned. I proved them wrong.

I used to have a business centre (ICT) in my school and it used to fetched me like 10k every school day. What I used to earned in a month was times two of what junior lecturers earn in a university. I didn’t have any dependent.

The only I knew then, was to pay my school fees and cater for my needs while in school. I fully sponsored my university education.

I asked the family to give me a proposal of what I needed to buy as Lefe. I got it and the cost implication was much okay for me. I started given them money in tranches. In less than three months, my wedding boxes were ready and full of all the requirements.

Date was fixed and on 28th of December, 2019, in the presence of families, friends and well wishers, the nod was tied between my spouse, Khadija and I. We had a very colorful wedding, though with less programs.

As at today, I’m happily living a comfortable life with my wife and the child Allah has blessed the union with. I was in my first year a first class student with a CGPA of 4.6. Alhamdulillah, though could not maintain it to my graduation, I successfully graduated with 2:1 and currently about to round up my NYSC program.

Alhamdulillah! I left university without having the carnal knowledge of any girl. My early marriage didn’t only saved me from Zina, but has turned me into who I’ve never thought of becoming in this age. I’ve nothing to say rather than Alhamdulillah and this is Masha Allah.

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