Pastor Creflo Dollar Reveals what Christians should do amidst his recent confession

Following the recent confession made by Creflo Augustus Dollar, an American pastor, Televangelist and Head of Creflo Dollar Ministerial Association (International Covenant Ministries), many questions have been asked about the fate of those who believed and practiced some of his messages. In this light, the pastor has come out to address the issue as he reveals what Christians should do.

The pastor via a live broadcast captured, “Confessions and Self Esteem” on his verified Facebook handle 17 hours ago, cited the Book of John 1:12 which says, “But as many that have received Him, He gave them power to become great in life”. He therefore said the worst thing that can happen to a man is to have low self esteem when you make a mistake.

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“Mistake is part of life and we should learn from it and come out greater. There is no failure too great for God. God takes our mess and He knows how to make it into a masterpiece”, the pastor said in a series of posts on his Facebook handle.

The Pastor on what Christians should do amidst his recent confession that may have discouraged many from connecting with God, said from 12 minutes 30 seconds into the video:

 “Repeat this prayer. Lord, forgive me for being so negative and for talking so badly about myself after you have given me so much. I have no excuse for accepting defeats, falsehoods and low self esteem; that’s our way of life because you have made me totally new now.

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“Help me Lord to renew my mind to the truth about who you have made me to be now. Help me Lord to guide the words of my mouth and what I listen to, so that instead of speaking evil of myself, that I may proclaim my real identify in Christ from now. Thank you Lord”.

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