Pastor Shina Ayomi Reveals The Evil Ways Some Men Have Deployed To Deceive Single Ladies

This Pastor, Oluwasegunfunmi Oluwasinaayomi has shared on his official Facebook page an analysis of the kind of life that some men do live and how they do deceive, maltreat and disappoint ladies, in the guise of relationship and marriage.

As shared by the cleric, he has revealed that relationship and marriage are not by force if you are not ready, just hide your face and do not destroy the life of another person’s daughter. In his words, the cleric has stressed the wicked and wayward life of some men in that, they would cajole a lady and after the lady might have fallen head on heels for them in love, and have slept with them severally, they would tag her as cheap and discuss of her with friends, thereby tarnishing her image before them.

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According to the cleric, a man could meet a woman today, and the following day he would have started to demand her nudes and sex videos. In his words, he has reiterated the so mean attitude of some men in that, they could have been in a relationship with a lady for 1 to 2 years, in the process, sleeping with her and using her as a wife. Immediately after marriage is mentioned, they would develop cold feet and start to chicken out that, their pastor has revealed to them through prophecy that she is not their wife.

Some could even go to the length to tell her that there have been revelations that their destiny does not correlate hence if they get married, there could be problems. But, you have been together for years, and during these periods, you took advantage of her, had your desires satisfied in her body and sometimes her hard-earned money, but when it was time for the discussion about marriage, you came up with unholy excuses. It is wickedness and sinful.

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As shared by the cleric, some men are married, intentionally they would deceive an innocent lady of being single. After the lady night has fallen in love with them and given her all in all for them with the hope that they have found their soul mate and life partner, the secret would one day be revealed and they would discover they are married with kids. Some do even go the length of having two social media accounts for different ladies. They live a double life to deceive innocent ladies.

Some men would have the heart to engage two ladies in one month, deceiving and rendering them confused. Eventually, they would not marry any of them. This life is wickedness and ungodly. The cleric in the light of this has implored men that have been involved in this kind of life to desist from it, as it is against the will of God, and has grave and gruesome consequences.

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