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Osmond got out of the hotel and got into the cab he had ordered. He looked back to see if anyone was following. He spotted Moko’s car. He had a bad feeling about the car. It was tinted so no one could see the driver or whatever was happening in it.

“Move please!” Osmond said to the cab driver.

Mayowa was following, he was not trying to be hidden. He wanted Osmond to know he was following and probably pull up. He planned to talk to him for the last time but if the talk didn’t work, he was going to rush into his suit pocket for Rekky’s underwear.

He was so sure the underwear was in his suit pocket because when he stepped out of the hotel, he was so protective of the suit.

Osmond on the other hand was thinking about his escape plan.

“Sir pull up!” He said to the cab driver.

“Sir! Why? We have not gotten to your destination.”

“The car behind us is following us. I want to challenge the driver!” Osmond said.

“Really?” The driver looked through his inner mirror for few minutes.

“Seems so, but stopping here is not a good idea. Let’s pull up at a petrol station and watch if the driver will move on!”

“No! I need to fix this now!” Osmond insisted.

“Then I am sorry, I will drop you off and speed off. I can’t wait to see the end of your conversation!”


The cab driver pulled up and from where he sat he opened the boot of the car.

Osmond got down. He kept his right hand inside his suit pocket. He was trying to create the illusion of a gun. Osmond took out his box from the boot of the cab.

As soon as the cab left, Mayowa drove towards him.

“I guess you will be needing a lift now!”

“Oh…it’s you again, the prophet of doom! Well guess you know so much about me and where I am headed, you are the perfect ally.” Osmond said getting into the car.

“It’s no coincidence, I have been trailing you since.”

“I know…” Osmond cut

“But my question is why? What is your interest in Rekky. She is not your sister, she is just a random unfortunate girl.”

“No, she is one girl whose destiny is tied to a lot of destinies. Her demise will cause a lot of people to go down as well. If you insist on doing this tonight, you will die and another person will use your wealth.”

“I do not believe you! I need to alight and continue my journey. I have something in my inner pocket that will end your life soon.”

Mayowa laughed real hard.

“You can’t fool me, I know the shape of a gun in my sleep, what you have there is Rekky’s pant. Give it up Osmond. I have lots of money, I can give you some.”

“Ok…I get this…How come I never saw this? You are also after this for Rekky. You also want to use her for money! I should have known. Now you want to pay me off.” Osmond said and before Mayowa could give a response, Osmond hit his head against the mirror. Almost immediately, he hit his head against the steering continuously till Mayowa passed out.

Osmond hurriedly stepped on the brake and engaged the gear to the Park sign.

He got out of the vehicle and since the car was tinted, no one knew what had happened in the car.

Osmond stopped a commercial motorcycle who immediately took him away from the scene.


Moko walked into the deposition unit.

“The girl Tony brought in, have you prepared her for the auction?”

Moko asked Joan about Rekky.

“On it already!”

“Ok! Have you heard from your friend!”

“Not yet!”

“Be ready to mourn with him when he arrives with no one. If I kill him I won’t be losing anything. Tony will fit in perfectly at least he has brought a fowl today!”

Joan could see the end of the day not looking pleasant. She brought out her phone to send Mayowa a message but she remembered he had no phone on him.


The boys who brought in Mirabel, Austin, and Doctor Mike were discussing and arguing.

“Guy, don’t let me change it for you!”

“I did not take the Doctor’s phone, maybe it fell off in the ambulance.”

“Guy, if I find out you took the doctor’s phone and you want to eat the money alone, I swear I will kill you.”

“I swear my brother, the phone is not with me. At least I was the one who brought you the woman’s two phones.”

“Fine! Go and sell it and bring my share!”

Unknown to them, Doctor Mike on entering the car had tucked his phone into the car seat.

Doctor Mike’s phone was still inside Tony’s car but because of his job as a doctor his phone was always silent, hence the sufficient battery power even after 24 hours.

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“We have tracked the phone! It is around Igbesin forest. Your husband was truly kidnapped. That forest is known for housing ritualists. I hope we get to him on time.” The D.P.O said reassuring Mrs. Mike.

At that point, her tough wall came crumbling down.

“My Husband! Oh my God!”

To be continued



©️Opeyemi O. Akintunde

Martins, Tams, and her mother were sitting in front of Pastor Joe.

“The person you came to pray about is a dead meat already,” the pastor said.

“But my Pastor, God is the one who can rescue a prey from the mouth of a lion” Tams mother countered.

“Hmm…Ok…Let’s pray!”

Pastor Joe closed his eyes and all he saw was blood all over the ground.

“Ha!” He said, “This is a tough one ma! The case of this lady is concluded.”

“There is no concluded case before God. God can reverse the irreversible!”

“Mercy has been speaking for this lady all her life. The works of her father has been speaking for her, but she took Mercy and Grace for granted and you ….” he said pointing to her husband, “You failed in your work in her life…it is a pity that most men are looking for wives that will help their destinies, they never look for who they can help to become a better person. Your marrying her was to make your life better, but did you ever think of making her life better?”

Martins bowed his head in shame, he was hearing Chioma all over again through the lips of the Pastor.

“Sir, when God brings a woman into your life, it is for you to help her become the best of who God wants her to be, but most men see women as a gift to just make their own life good. My wife was a witch when I met her and I vowed to God to get her out of the witchcraft. It was tough but I stuck with it. For the first five years of our marriage, I never slept from 12 midnight to 3 am, because that was the time she ought to go for her witchcraft meetings. I would stand as a watchman praying. Guess what! She got delivered and that birthed the fireman I am today. God never gives you a spiritual promotion you don’t qualify for. My wife was the qualifying test for the ministry I have today!” Pastor Joe said.

By this time, Martins was broken on the floor.

“Let me say this, if she dies tonight, you have lost a great gem!”

“Pastor! Help me! Don’t let her die!”

“It’s left to you! I am not her husband. You paid her dowry, therefore the authority over her. You can challenge death over her because she is your wife!”

“I am ready! Teach me how to challenge death!”

“First things first! Are you born again?”

“Not really!”

“That means No! So let’s get that out of the way first.” Pastor Joe said “Are you ready to accept Jesus as your Lord and saviour?”


“Say this after me!”

“Lord Jesus, I come before you today. I accept you as my Lord and Personal saviour. Forgive me of my sins and trespasses. Help me to live a new life in Christ. Write my name in the book of life and give me the gift of having the Holy Spirit. Thank you Lord! In Jesus name I pray!”


Osmond arrived safely at the herbalist’s place. He was panting when he arrived.

“Why are you panting, Osmond?”

“Plenty battles!”

“I told you when you were coming to the earth, you didn’t come with wealth so even as I am trying to help you, the forces that were present the day you were coming to the world are fighting the ritual. Where is the final pant?”

“This is it!” Osmond said handing it over.


Joan ran to Moko’s office.

“We have a problem! I think Mayor was right after all!”

“What? What was he right about?”

“About picking a strange lady today!”

“What is strange about her?” Moko was saying as he was already walking towards the deposition unit.

“She cannot be used as someone else is already carrying out a ritual on her.”

“Counter whatever they are doing!”

“It won’t work!” Mayowa said from the entrance.

Mayowa had woken after about 15 minutes in the car. At that time, Osmond had gone. He decided to return to the ritualist’s village.

As soon as he walked into the deposition unit and saw Rekky he realized all his efforts had come to nought. Though he saved a few lives but ultimately he and his family was going to die.

“It’s too late! I tried to warn you!” Mayowa said.

“Shut up! Joan Counter them!” Moko said.


“You are going to pray like this…Oh Lord, please send confusion into the midst of the ritualists that wants to kill my wife,” Pastor Joe called out the prayer point to Martins who was praying like a Lion.

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“Volatile presence of God visit the camp of the ritualists now and order the release of my wife in Jesus name!”

The sweat that dropped from Martins’ body was as thick as blood!

To be continued




Opeyemi O. Akintunde

“Ewo! Abomination! Who dares take a prey from the mouth of the Lion?” The herbalist said angrily.

He opened his viewing mirror and saw Joan struggling with him.

“The dog that enters the den of a lion will be destroyed!” The herbalist said as he released the arrow of blindness to Joan.


“My eyes!” Joan screamed.

Moko went close to Joan and pushed her aside. He began to chant more retaliation chants. Moko raised his cloth and his undergarment of charm was revealed.

Meanwhile, Mayowa sat down defeated. He knew what was coming. Unknowing to him, things were not going to end as he knew.

Mayowa crept out of the deposition unit to find his wife and son. Moko saw his movement but he wanted to finish this rival of his.


The herbalist knew his power was reducing. He decided to throw his fire missile at Moko.

Osmond was outside in another shrine where the herbalist had kept him. He didn’t know what was going on.

After battling intensely with Moko for over 15 minutes, with the last strength the herbalist could gather he fired at Moko – his fire Missile. Moko staggered and fell.

At that same time, Rekky woke up from her hypnotism.

“Jesus!” was the first word that popped out of her mouth.


Mayowa had taken Mirabel and Austin, but there was a problem. Austin was still looking like a moron. He needed Joan to tap his head again. He needed to go to the deposition unit.

Cautiously, he took Austin towards the Deposition unit. As he peeped, he saw Moko on the fall. He was relieved thinking he was dead.

He ran towards Joan who was chanting different incantations to restore her eyesight.

“Joan please help me with my son!”

“Mayor…let me restore my sight first!”

Mayor stood watching, Mirabel was in tears as she was shaking visibly. Rekky managed to get up and as she turned to look towards the people talking.

“You!” She said to Mayowa.

“So you are the ritualists! You came and lied to me that I was going to be kidnapped when you are actually the kidnapper!”

“You are alive!” Mayowa screamed.

Mayowa’s voice woke Moko from his temporal coma, but he didn’t move his body.

He had to settle this score! Mayor was really a snitch! He had one thing to do! Kill Mayor!


“Everyone ….don’t move!” A loud voice commanded from outside.

“This place has been surrounded by the Anti-terrorism squad, if anyone moves, they are dead!”

Moko could no longer stay down. He couldn’t believe Mayor even exposed him to the police.

Unknowing to Moko, the police had tracked Doctor Mike’s phone to Tony’s Car in the Ritualist’s village.

With rage, Moko rose with the baby strength in him, and with one of his poisoned knives, he stabbed Mayor in his belly.

“Mokooooo!” Mayowa screamed.

“Mayorrrrr!” Mirabel’s scream echoed.

The scream alerted the police and they rushed into the deposition unit.

Moko tapped his belly thrice in order to disappear, but the fire missile the herbalist had fired at him, neutralized his teleporting powers.

“You are under arrest!”


The herbalist called on his son!


“Baba mii”

“We have taken the wrong job! Send that bad luck man away from here,” he struggled to say.

Ifatoyinbo went out and in anger chased Osmond out of the shrine. Osmond had only a white wrapper on.

“What’s happening? Where is my money?”

“Which money? You bad luck person! Carry your bad luck and leave here!”

“You say? I didn’t hear you? Oh! you people are exactly what that prophet told me. He said you will give my wealth to someone else. Never! Me! Osmond I will kill you before your father does that to me!” Osmond started struggling with Ifatoyinbo. Osmond was good in Karate. He beat Ifatoyinbo till he had no strength anymore.

“Baba mii, Ba…ba..mi” Ifatoyinbo screamed for his father’s help.

“What is happening?” the herbalist managed to ask.

“He is …beat…ing me oo.”

“I command you Osmond, lose your senses and never remember the road to this place again!” The herbalist commanded with his charm coated tongue.

Immediately, Osmond ran out of the premises shouting,

“Where is my Money?”


Mirabel was crying over Mayowa who laid on the ground. The police team did not come with any paramedics. Mayowa was left dying.

“I am so…rry!” He said to Mirabel before kicking the bucket!

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To be continued



©️Opeyemi O. Akintunde

“You messed up the second chance given to you!” The One who had given him the second chance said when Mayowa walked into the White lounge…

“You gave me the second chance but you didn’t help me use it well!”

“You never asked for my help… Ask and you shall receive help!”

“Am I supposed to ask for help when you were the one who gave me the second chance!”

“When you buy a product, you don’t assume you know how to use it, you must follow the manufacturer’s manual because even if you have used the product before, the manufacturer may have changed some settings “

“And you are the manufacturer’s manual…!”

“Hun Hun…!”

“So what happens next!”

“Eternity!, unless you want another chance to make things right again!”

“I get another second chance?”

“I am a God of Many second chances!”

“Wow! But how is this going to be different from the last two times.”

“You should have learnt from your previous mistakes! Mistakes helps you to know the ways not to approach things next time.!”

“Well, my approach was the best I could think of. Immediately I got back into the world, I swung back into action trying to contact Rekky and her husband…!”

“Exactly your mistake! You don’t because a food is burning, use your bare hands to lift the pot from the fire. You protect yourself first before getting the pot off the fire.”

“I don’t understand!”

“Before I go on about how you should have lived that second chance, are you taking the offer? Do you want another second chance?”

“Yes I do…at least I will get to save Doctor Mike. At least that’s the only person who died apart from myself!”

“No, he wasn’t…a young boy lost his life when Tony fired his shot in the air, Ifatoyinbo, the son of the herbalist also died. Osmond killed him! Also Moko will be dead in few minutes, Tony will rot in Jail, Your son will never be able to talk again. Mirabel will hand him over to a special needs home while she marries someone else. Osmond will walk around Mad for the rest of his life.

Can you see, how your way of handling things turned out. The only person saved in this second chance of yours was Rekky and that’s not because of you, that’s because her husband did the right thing. The very thing you failed to do.”


“He went to the right source.!”

“The right source?” Mayowa asked

The HOLY ONE opened his palm to Mayowa and he saw how Martins, Tams and Tams’ mother went to see a Pastor.

“I was suppose to see a Pastor!”

“Most likely… Mayowa, you had just come out of an encounter with God and you were given an assignment, running off without proper training, mentorship, guidance was wrong!”


“Despite David had been anointed king by Samuel while Saul was on the throne, David did not rush off to kill Saul and seize the throne! No, he stayed close to Samuel. Son, the first thing you should have done was to take a moment to find out how to go about the assignment I had given you ….” And the Holy One spoke at length to him…

“But, Why did you let Doctor Mike die?”

“His second Many chances had been exhausted… The major problem he had was not Obeying me in full. This is not the first time. I had forgiven him a lot of times.”

“ Can one exhaust one’s chances with God?” Mayowa asked.

“ 1 Kings 11:9-10…

Now the LORD grew angry with Solomon, because his

heart had turned away from the LORD, the God of Israel, who had

appeared to him TWICE.

Although He had warned Solomon explicitly not to

follow other gods, Solomon did not keep the LORD’s command….” The Holy one said.

“So God warned Solomon twice, before he got angry at him?” Mayowa confirmed.

“Yes, before tearing his kingdom into pieces”.

“How many second chances do I get?”

“I can’t tell you, but I will tell you this…live the life you have as your last because that might actually be your last second chance.”

“Ok, give me this second chance or third chance and I promise to use it well…” Mayowa said

“By what power?” The Holy one reminded him

“By the Grace of God!” Mayowa said.

“Good, but despite having many second chances, the value of the second chance you get reduces!”

“What do you mean?

“Instead of 48 hours, you only get 38 hours before. Can I trust you to use it well, because it might be the last second chance you get!”

“With your help, I will use it well!”


“Mayor! Snap out of it… Mayor!” Mirabel’s voice was calling

To be continued

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