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Robert Liardon gives revival prophecy about Nigeria as he opens up on his encounter

Posted by on August 25, 2021 — Drop A Comment

God’s General author and world renowned Evangelist, Evangelist Robert Liardon has given prophecy about Nigeria. This happened during the Pastor Enenche’s Dunamis Church conference.

Robert Liardon was quoted by Churchgist saying: “ The Church has replaced signs, miracles and wonders with rituals, ceremonies and traditions. There is something greater than revival, that is the spirit of reformation You may be kicked out of man’s group, but if you are born-again, you are not kicked out of the Kingdom.Praise the Lord. It is my honour to be here this week, to be with Dr. Paul, his beautiful wife and the team and also to meet with many of you for the first time. The largest church building in the world is no longer in Korea, the largest church in the world is now in Nigeria, so it’s a good day. Some Nations that have led the Gospel are not leading now, new nations are taking the frontline of the Gospel leadership and Nigeria has become the leading revival nation, I think in the world and so this great Glory Dome that Dr. Paul, his wife and you have built is only the foretaste of what the future would have for you and many other great Nigerian ministries.I have come here to talk to the next generation of generals, I have come today to tell you the stories of those that have gone before us, not that we are trying to do what they did, but what God did through them and He wants to do something greater than He did through them for you and I. We go from glory to glory, that which was, was great and it’s good to know, but it is also to encourage us that tomorrow shall be greater, tomorrow shall be louder, tomorrow shall be more beautiful than anything we’ve known in the past.I was born in a Christian family, I was born inside of faith, I went straight from the hospital to Church, a night service, I was told that three older ladies saw my mother walking into church, they grabbed me from her and began to pray over me so, I never had the chance to do anything else but serve the Lord. I was raised mainly by two great women. My parents were divorced when I was 5 years old, my sister was 4. My grandmother who was pastoring a Church moved from North Carolina to Oklahoma, so, my grandmother never stopped preaching. She moved from the small congregation that she had to two, me and my sister. We were ministered to all day long, almost all the days of our lives. When I was 8 years old, I had my encounter. For some reason, God chose to give me a visit to heaven when I was 8 years old but the encounter that led me to you today happened when I was 12 -and-half years old, I was watching television and Jesus walked through the door of my house and this is what he said to me, “Study the lives of my generals. Know why they succeeded and why some failed, for there would come a generation who would need and want to know what I would show you if you do what I tell you this day for in those days, giftings would be very powerful and the enemy would fight them very strongly. It would help save gifts, relaunch gifts”. He then continued to give some instructions. When he finished, he walked out the door. I must be honest with you, I did not like what he asked me to do. Sometimes God gives you an assignment that when you first hear it, you don’t like it. When He said ‘Study’, I didn’t like it, I wanted to play baseball like my friends did. I picked up my first book on a baseball preacher and I read the first chapter and a half, when I read it, a consuming passion took over me and I enjoyed reading all kind of Christian books and enjoyed talking to old people. So, my life turned from being a teenager that played and went to the movies, to being one that prayed, studied, looked for old people that knew more about God than I did and my journey began.Acts 28: 30-31. The Book of Acts did not end, it only stopped. It is also called ‘Church History’. The story of the Church continues. The last word of John was ‘Please, love one another’. He could have said ‘Build more churches’ or ‘Have more anointing’ or any other thing but He said ‘Pease, love one another’. God confirms His word with signs, wonders and miracles following. As the church began to lose its fervour, they replaced these three things with three other things that we are still dealing with today. They replaced them with rituals, ceremony and tradition. For over 1000 years, there was a misrepresentation of God, the world was told by the spokesmen of Christianity that our God was an angry God, a hostile God but our God is a good God, our God is a loving God, our God is a healing God, our God is a forgiving God.I want to start with some old personalities that you may or may not know, but we stand on the shoulders of men who had a great ministry many years ago. I want to start with a man named John Wycliffe, we call him the morning star of the reformation. There is something greater past us than revival, there is a reformation spirit that Nigeria would have in the future that would begin to change its culture, its government, everything about it. He was British and he lived as an honest priest, he was an educated man, he liked to read, he studied the Bible and read of the early church, he realized that many things that the people were being taught and the church was doing were not correct and he stood up and said, ‘There’s a problem’ and everybody got mad at him and kicked him out of the church. That means, you would go to hell and not to heaven if you get kicked out of the church, but he read the Bible, he said, ‘You can’t kick me out from the Kingdom’. So many of you are kicked out of a group, but you are not kicked out of the Kingdom; there is a difference. So, he began his own little Bible school in the British forest and trained some priests to travel all over. So shockingly, he died a natural death, 44 years after he died, they were still angry at his preaching, his writings and his ministry that they dug up his bones, crushed them into powder, lit them on fire and threw them in the river. My question to you today, would anybody care you lived four weeks after you are dead?

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