Sometimes I Switch Off My Phone For One Week To Guide Myself From Sin – Apostle Michael Orokpo Says

The Presiding Pastor of Encounter Jesus Ministries, Apostle Michael Orokpo said that the eye is one way through which one can fall into sin, and that self-discipline is required to stay away from sin. According to him, switching off his phone for at least one week is an approach he adopts to prevent his eyes from looking at the sinful pictures on social media and possibly falling into sin.

According to the Cleric, you should declare war against any addiction. “Instead of running around looking for who to deliver you, wake up and begin to fight”. He emphasized his point by referring to 1Corimthians 9:27. In this Bible verse, Apostle Paul said that he discipline his body and brings it under subjection so that after he had preached to others, he will not be disqualified for the prize.

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” So when that sinful feeling comes, I go on my knees, I pray until the feeling dies. When I pray, I am energizing the Holy Ghost. I may feel like having carnal knowledge of a woman, at that instance; I will lock myself in my room and pray in tongues. After praying for a while the whole motion of sin will go down. That is what it means to beat your body”, Apostle Orokpo said.

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