The Fact That A Girl Is Always Hanging Around Guys Does Not Make Her Loose -Reno Omokri Reveals Why

A few hours ago, activist and preacher Reno Omokri, came out on social media to defend women who prefer keeping male friends to having female companions.

In his tweet, Mr. Omokri insisted that some girls may like to hang around guys because male companionship does not come with the usual drama and complications that accompany friendship with people of the same sex.

Going further, the former presidential aide also stated that a girl may feel comfortable around men because she grew up in a home where all of her siblings were male.


That is, she happens to be the only girl among many brothers.

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In concluding his post, Mr. Omokri urged men to stop labeling good ladies who fall into that category as loose, describing such actions as ‘de-marketing’.

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