The Shocking Thing Bishop Oyedepo Did When Someone Offered Him 6 zeros in foreign currency Towards The Construction Of The New Auditorium – Pastor Paul Enenche

Pastor Paul Enenche while preaching, talked about the big auditorium that Bishop David Oyedepo is building. He said that the main sanctuary is over a 100,000 seat capacity plus the basement and overflow that can take over 20 something thousand alone. 

That construction is in billions in Naira, multimillions in dollars. Now, someone came and said, “I have an offering for the construction” which must be in 6 zeros in foreign currency.

That Papa Oyedepo said, “If it is for this construction, it doesn’t need money anymore but if you want we can apply it to something else.” That is everything that is needed, including chairs, A.C (Air Conditioner), sound light, the money of all of it.

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“If it is for this project, we don’t need one Naira either for chair, for light, for AC, for rug, for anything; but you can bring it in case you want us to apply it to any other thing let me know.” Church Gist. He said, “Okay, this can be applied to the rural Church planting.”

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