There Is Nothing As Horrible As Toasting A Woman That Is In Love – Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo, the founder of David Christian Center spoke to his members about the issue of love in relationships.

He revealed that if a woman loves a man, one of the things you use to know is that she will be committed to him. You can tell that she is totally dedicated to him and she will be glad to post his picture; she will be glad to talk about him. There will be no sense of distance; there will be no sense of half commitment and you will see a hundred percent commitment.

According to him, he is saying that because women have the capacity to run more than one thing at the same time. He said that what happens to women is that they have no choice but to wait until men approach them. On the men’s side, it’s different because men are the ones that choose who they want to approach. So most men go for women that they like while women have to wait for any man that comes. He said that ladies might agree to date a man they don’t really like because there are no other options at the moment. They are dating him and are still entertaining other chats from some other prospective guys. He said that most times that a woman cheats or doubles dates, it is largely because they are not satisfied with who they are with.

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According to him, men cheat for a different reason. A man can be with a woman he loves very much and still be tempted to cheat but women are not like that. If a woman is really in love she has no time for another person. If she is really in love, she doesn’t give any other person attention. “Nothing is as horrible as toasting a woman that is in love. You are wasting your energy,” he said.

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