This Is One Of The Reason Why You Hardly See Prosperity In Africa – Apostle Joshua Selman Reveals

Apostle Joshua Selman while preaching, revealed the reason why prosperity is not perpetuated in Africa, and according to the man of God, an average man starts life not from zero but minus, and this means he will pay the price of his parents’ carelessness, and by the time he draws closer to the end of his life, he will make mistakes that will attract demons or some spirits to come into his life and add his mistakes to his life to bring him back to minus again, and any child he has inherited the minus, and his child will also repeat the same process.

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The Apostle noted that there are some regions or countries in this world where there are people who have a leverage of perpetual wealth or a record of wealth that is trackable, and this is because they have built the system one after another, and so you see the companies, businesses, and estates that they established over 150, 200, or 300 years ago that are still functioning and their children or generations after them leverage upon their wealth.

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