This Is The Reason Why A Lot Of Believers Are Not Champions – Rev. Olusola Areogun reveals

Rev Olusola Areogun, in a recent post on his official Facebook page spoke about “Fight Your Battles Of Faith” in one is his Spirit Meat Daily Devotional.

According to him, many people are not champions because they run away from battles. When you start anything in life, the devil is not going to walk away from it; he will come after you to deny you victory. When the children of Israel entered the Promised Land, even though God had given it to them, they still had to confront the giants. Some of them could not take it but Caleb said, “No! Give me this mountain! I believe in God! (Num. 13:30; Jos. 14:7-12).” Are you going to let one crazy giant keep you from your destiny?

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He said that you can always take the head of your Goliath if you have faith in God. By faith, every Goliath is killable; that is what the story of David tells us. So, don’t let the devil steal your faith. He has stolen the salvation of some people, and for some, he has stolen their faith and they are just doing mechanical attendance in the church without any living faith in God anymore. Some people have backslidden and are still in the Church.

So you must make up your mind that nothing will take your salvation and nothing will take your faith. There is nothing the devil can put you in that your faith in God cannot bring you out of. There is nothing that life can throw at you that faith in God cannot bring you over. God is just looking for somebody that dares to believe Him amid all the unbelief around him.

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Finally, he said that too many Christians have not been taught how to fight. 

Instead, they are fed with this pain-killer Gospel where everybody thinks that the pastor is not praying if something bad happens to the members. That will make you a weak Christian. Get some spiritual stamina! Get some backbone inside your spirit.

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