This Is The Reason Why Some People Are Not Growing Financially, Ans It Is Not The Devil – Pastor Yemi Davids Reveals

Pastor Yemi Davids is the founder and presiding Pastor of the Lagos-based Global Impact Church. Church Gist has taken to their platform to share a message delivered by the cleric on why some people are finding it very difficult to improve their status and their financial growth despite the work they do every day.

As shared by the cleric, so many people are not growing in their life endeavours. The reasons are not attributed to wicked powers or any other things other than themselves.

The cleric in his words has revealed a thing that people are not doing right that has been the major reason why some of them are not growing financially. If you want to increase in whatever you do, then how you handle your day and your time would be put into question. You cannot be wasting away on social media and illicit chatting in your place of work and expect to be appraised financially when the time comes. Some people are known for gossip and their mobile phones. 

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They cannot do without Social Media. They spend hours, wasting away online without achieving anything significant at work. You are not improving financially and status-wise because of your poor time management and not being diligent in what you do.

In his words, the cleric has revealed instances of some people that spend so much time on social media; if they ask them why they are not doing anything, they might claim they have completed their work for the day, so what! If you have completed your work for the day, there are other things you could still do that would add value to your life and also improves your relevance in your place of work.

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According to the cleric, what you do with your time determines the success and achievements you would have in life. There are some people that worth thousands of dollars monthly. If you take your time to calculate how much you are being paid monthly, and you do the necessary divisions to bring out how much you earn daily, that is your worth for the month. 

How much of that would you continue to earn that would make you a millionaire? Your use of time and diligence is what determines your financial growth and reputable status wherever you work.

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