This Is Why Some Men Do Not Progress No Matter How Hard They Work – Apostle Mike Orokpo Reveals Mystery

Apostle Michael Orokpo who is the founder of Encounter Jesus International Ministries, revealed in his recent video on Facebook, some mysteries that make some men not to progress financially despite working hard.

According to him, he made it known that there are evil forces that keeps men in bondage that no matter the diligence it will still be to no avail.

Apostle Michael Orokpo made a powerful statement saying, “Men are where they are because of the forces that kept them there “.

Furthermore, the Clergy man told his congregation that victory is not yet won even after defeating those evil forces in prayer. He told them that the heart need to be circumcised afterward because some influence of the those evil forces casted out can still be traced in the soul.

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That means even though an evil spirit might not be present in one’s life the lifestyle and behaviour is still seen somewhere.

Finally, becoming prosperous is more than being diligence, there are spiritual Pharaohs to fight always in prayer and there’s a heart to circumcised from the mentality and influence of that evil forces.

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