Top 10 Gospel Comedians in Nigeria

Nigeria’s Top 10 Gospel Comedians

Nigerian Gospel comedians has taken Christian Entertainment in Nigeria to Another Level, and this has given them an edge over their secular contemporaries and that has made them lots of fortunes and also made them popular.

When it comes to making people laugh out loud and forgetting their sorrow or stress, they have really giving us amazing and Clean jokes in church, gatherings and also on social media. Many of us follow them on Instagram and on Facebook, this platforms gave them the opportunity to showcase their God given talents and Skills to the world. There are many Gospel Comedians in Nigeria but we carefully selected the ones which popularity is off the hook .

Note: We didn’t put this comedians in other of their fame or popularity. We just listed them randomly

The following Gospel comedians are on Nobelie Top 10 Lists

Top 10 Gospel Comedians in Nigeria


Jephthah Bowoto , popularly known as Akpororo , is a Nigerian stand-up comedian, vocalist and actor. His style of comedy is basically the fusion of secular and church-related jokes. In an
interview, he revealed that he performs and cracks jokes about lunatics because he was once an attendant to mentally-ill people who came to the church he was attending for Spiritual healing. Apkororo is really a fantastic comedian.


The Ace comedian is a vibrant and dynamic gospel comedian. The comedian whose real name is Abiodun Sherif Olapade is arguably the top 2 gospel comedian in Nigeria whose uniqueness made him stands out among his colleagues in the comic profession. Mc Abbey once tackled a statement made by the president of Mount Zion Faith Ministries, Mike Bamiloye about nullifying of comedy in churches with valid points which earned him an accolades by his colleagues and some members of the public.

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Ayo Ajewole popularly known as Woli Agba is a comic Yoruba- Nigeria gospel comedian and also a gospel singer. He is best known for his online comedy ministry named Instgram Parish Ministry (IPM) with over 2million followers on instagram.


Woli Arole is a Nigerian comedian, actor and on-air personality.

Bayegun Oluwatoyin a.k.a Woli Arole started as an actor and stand-up comedian from Obafemi Awolowo University .
He embraced social media and gained attention with short videos on Instagram. He was auditioned and became a finalist at the Alibaba Spontaneity contest in Lagos. He was recently debuted with his live show called ‘The Chat Room With Woli Arole’, on April 8, and it was met with applause.

(5) SACO

Ayodele Okundalaye popularly known as SACO is a stand up gospel comedian and events coordinator. He got his stage name SACO from my intials S-Sunday A-Ayodele C-Chukwukamadu O-Okundalaiye. He sometimes mentioned how his first mentor in comedy also started calling him the Senior Advocate Of Comedy which kind of also forms the initial SAOC/SACO.

He started gospel comedy in church where he learnt values, morals and ethics which according to him said they cannot be underplayed in his career. He has anchored church programmes both locally and internationally. His first international outing was in a church in Salford, Manchester which he said stands out as the most memorable day he will always remember.

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Still ringing is a Nigeria gospel comedy group and an on-air personalties. They adopted the preacher and interpreter style of comedy. The duo has performed in several comedy events both church and comedy concerts and has thrilled a lot of their audiences with their amazing talents.


Emma oh my God is a fast rising comedian known for his comedy skit online.

EmmaOhMaGod whose real name is Emmanuel Edunjobi is popularly known for his video mix of funny clips and rendition of top notch celebrity’s songs.
He’s multi-talented; he is a musician, MC, on-air-personality, Tv presenter and producer.

Emma has carved a niche for himself in the comedic environment. He has shown what it takes to achieve success as talent is not just enough, it pays to work hard and make sure your talent takes you to wherever you want to go.
It is one thing to be funny and another to be able to translate your comedy through various social media.


Kenny blaq whose real name is Otolorin Kehinde Peter is a Nigerian stand up comedian and singer. He is best known for using different genre of music to crack people up on many comedy platforms, churches inclusive.

His show, The Oxymoron Of Kennyblaq won Best Comedy Show at the 2017 and 2018 Naija 102.7 FM comedy awards. He has performed in different churches such as; COZA, House on the rock, Global Impact to mention but a few. He is also a regular comedian at the largest music concert held every year in lagos ‘The experience”.

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Fast rising comedian, Akuidolo Orevaoghene with the stage name, Forever is a talented comedian. He has performed both in comedy concerts and different churches which has given him edge in the comic circle. He once talked about how he couldn’t live his mother’s dream of seeing her son work in
the lucrative oil industry, thereby rescuing the family from its financial challenges. But today he doing well and he is able to take care of everything his mother wanted.


There is no gainsaying, the fact that Ajele Adeyemi, otherwise known as MC Ajele has become a household name as far as
the Nigeria comedy circle is concerned.

His unique delivery while on stage is a factor that has contributed immensely to how his brand became more appealing by each passing day, yet to those who desire excellence.

Just like most A-list comedians in the country, Ajele has, over time, developed a fan base of comedy enthusiasts for
himself so much that he has successfully worked his way into the hearts of many admirers here in Nigeria; one could not
but imagine how he was able to replicate that at the international level and in churches. He once performed at the 60th birthday of Bishop Oyedepo of Living faith Church in 2014 which also gave an amazing platform.

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