Why Some Christians Die Young Or Wrongly – Pastor Femi Davids Reveals

Pastor Femi Davids spoke about the importance of staying inside the plan of God for our lives. God has plans for us and it is important we understand and key into them.

He said that anytime a Christian stays outside God’s plan for a while, they are vulnerable to satanic attack. He said that it is one reason why Christians die young or wrongly. In His plan is our covering and protection, so anytime you are outset His plan, His mercy will be preserving you but if you stay outside it for so long, then you are exposing yourself to satanic attack and then anything can happen. So if you are inside his plan, your safety is guaranteed.

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Speaking further, he said that there are times that he wanted to travel to a place to preach and he hears the Holy Ghost say, “I don’t want you to go on that trip,” and he just has to obey because he’s not aware of what could happen. He then explained that if there is any sustained stagnation in anybody’s life today, is rooted in the fact that we miss the road. If you check your life and notice an era when you feel distressed, unprofitable, it is most likely that you miss the road.

He then claimed you should not miss the road in your marriage. Speaking to the singles, he advised them it is not wrong to have your own desire but always remember that God knows people more than you. If God does not want you to marry someone, you have to obey because He knows the future. “There is no perfect husband; there’s no perfect wife but in the imperfection, some people can still find a way forward while some others can’t,” he said.

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Source: Opera News

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