Any Pastor Desperately Trying To Make Himself Visible, Just Shows One Thing – Apostle Arome Osayi Reveals

Apostle Arome Osayi, the founder of Remnant Christian Network spoke to his members about the ministers can flourish in their various ministries.

According to Believers Update, he revealed that when a man becomes sucked away in the Holy Ghost, part of what the dealings of the Holy Spirit will do is to expire their ambitions and wisdom. His hands are strong so that you can become a vessel that is Submissive. He said that if you’re like that, one significant thing that you’ll be able to discern is your timing.

According to him, the Bible says that John the Baptist was in the wilderness until the day of his showing forth to Israel. That’s how Sons of God are shown, they are unveiled at the appointed time. He said that when you find someone desperately looking for visibility, God has not sent him. “I know in the Kingdom, there’s a time of manifestation. God will ensure that you’re hidden and even if you go on Television and shout ” I am on television ” that night, everybody will sleep, they’ll not hear you,” he said.

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Speaking further, he said that you can never know God with your brain. Do you want to know the Holy Ghost? He will manipulate your times. If you are unwilling to give away greed, then your days of hiding are extended, and your Wilderness journey is extended. So that when the son of God is being manifested, he has understood the government of the Holy Ghost and the life he lives is being led by the Holy Spirit, then you are about to see another wonder, you’re about to see the bondage of corruption experience damage because that man is not bought, He’s operating under the influence of the creator so he knows the source code.

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Finally, the regulatory hand of God will ensure that the sons of God are hidden because the sons must be revealed according to the calendar of Heaven. You need to calm down and obey God. Follow his instructions step by step, for therein lies your greatness when the time comes.

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